There's one act that failed to impress at The Brownlow.

Remember that Alex Lloyd song, “Amazing”? You’ve probably heard it on a crappy tourism ad, or behind a scrolling picture montage at your aunty’s 60th.

Well, last night the man himself took us back to 2001 and performed it at the Brownlow Medal.

We all love a bit of nostalgia, but unfortunately 42-year-old Lloydy’s lengthy, acoustic rendition was far from… well, you know.

Within minutes, Twitter lit up with people slamming the Aria winner’s lacklustre performance, with some calling for him to step away from the mic permanently.

Of course, there were the inevitable comparisons to the Meatloaf moment. We forgive you if you’ve wiped that disaster from your minds, but it basically involved the US rocker bombing, hard, at the 2011 AFL grand final.

Clearly AFL fans never forget.

However, there were also numerous nasty Tweets about the singer’s appearance (Twitter just wouldn’t be Twitter without body shaming trolls), which had several more leaping to his defence.