No, The Bachelor's Alex doesn't want to be your Facebook friend.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all done it. That cheeky late-night, low-level Facebook stalk of your favourite actress, model or, perhaps, Bachelor contestant.

Before you know it, before common sense can intervene, you’ve gone ahead and clicked ‘Add friend’, buoyed by blind faith that this popular, famous person will take one glimpse at your profile picture and immediately see your potential as a new member of their squad.

Well, they don’t. Not The Bachelor contestants anyway. And it seems they’ve had enough of people trying.


Alex has recently turned her Facebook privacy settings to ‘total fan fortress’, preventing anyone from even sending her a request.

Seriously, the button isn’t even there.

There is one small loophole.

That button will magically reappear if you happen to be cool enough to have a mutual friend with the 24-year-old venue manager.

Alex is happy to accept Richie's roses...

Video via Channel 10

Clearly the Bach girls are proving popular with total strangers.

Everyone's favourite Cara Delevingne lookalike, Olena, has been totally maxed out with friend requests.

Yep, apparently that's a thing.

When you try to be her new, very best, favourite Facebook pal you see this:

Okay, not quite. But you do see this:

Guess we'll have to selfie-binge someone else.


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