When Alex Dyson's mum died of breast cancer, she left him a recording. He just played it on his podcast.

Radio legends Alex Dyson and Matt Okine have released an emotional dedication to their mothers who both died in their younger years.

On their podcast Matt & Alex - All Day Breakfast, the hosts said this episode would be a little different. 

"We are a week away from Mother's Day," Alex began. "Both of our mothers died quite young and both from breast cancer, coincidentally."

Both men lost their mothers: Matt when he was 12 and Alex when he was four years old. Matt revealed that when they started working together on triple j, this shared experience was "one of the first things we bonded over." 

Listen to Alex Dyson's episode of But Are You Happy? here. Post continues after podcast.

Alex then gave a special dedication to his mum, Helen Dyson, as he revealed that he's now the same age she was when she passed away in 1993. 

"What I'm about to play for you is probably the most personal piece of audio imaginable. I, myself, have only listened to it one time," Alex began.

"It is a cassette tape that my mum recorded before she passed away... I'm really proud of her and so I wanted to tell as many people about that as possible." 

Alex then played the audio which began with his mother telling him and his sister, "I just want to say how much I love you both and how scared I am that I won't be able to be with you and you won't remember me." 

Watch the moment here. Post continues after video.


In the clip, Helen tells her children, "You really are the joy of our lives," before audio plays of Alex as a child. 

After playing the audio, Alex made clear that he had spoken to his sister about wanting to broadcast his mother's message on the podcast. "This happens to be my mum but it's also my sister's mum and I want to be super conscious that this is her story as well," he said.

"I also talked to my dad... I asked him how he would feel if we were to play it," he said. "He said 'Mate, I'm just a custodian of this for you'... that was really sweet of him," Alex added tearfully.

With his sister and father's approval, Alex had to grapple with the decision to air the personal message. 

However, he decided to do it after coming to a realisation.  

Alex spoke about how back in their radio days, the duo would often welcome their dads on their show. "We love our dads very much," Alex said between sobs. 

"This is a way to have my mum on the show — it's the only way." 

Listen to the full podcast episode here and bring a tissue box (or two).  

Feature image: Matt & Alex - All Day Breakfast.

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