Why Brendan and Alex Fevola's baby name had Fifi Box in hysterics.

Brendan and Alex Fevola announced the arrival of their fourth daughter yesterday when the ex-AFL star called into his FOX FM radio program The Fiji, Fev and Byron Show.

Brendan made the phone call as the baby girl was being weighed after a scheduled C-section, describing her as a “cute little thing” with a “huge head of hair”.

“She’s super cute… She’s a little mini-me with little fat cheeks, she’s so cute. It’s the most amazing feeling of all time, Alex was amazing, she’s incredible.”


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Hi World …. @alexfevolamakeup your a super human mumma ❤️ mum and baby are flying #love #family #daughters #itsagirlsworld

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It was all very wholesome and sweet… Until Fifi Box asked about the baby’s name, that is.

Brendan was reluctant to share the name but eventually said they’d called her Brenda.

“Brenda Fevola… No middle name.”

Fifi couldn’t help herself: She laughed, convinced it was a “stitch up”.

“I knew you’d say that, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you,” Brendan replied.


Co-host Byron Cooke stepped in to uh, try and do a bit of backpeddling just in case Brenda was the real name.

“Don’t call it a stitch up, that might be the name… Don’t laugh just in case that’s the name.”

Fifi then quickly got on board with the damage control: “I mean, that’s a beautiful name. Brenda. I love Brenda… It’s Brendan and Brenda Fevola, so she’s named after you?”

“Yeah, if it had been a boy it would have been Brendan Jr.”

Once Brendan had hung up the phone, the hosts discussed the uh, awkwardness of what just happened.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the name, I don’t necessarily believe it. I’ve worked with this man for three years, every day is a stitch up or a joke,” Fifi said as Byron and guest host Matt Preston tried to smooth things over.

Neither Alex or Brendan have shared their new daughter’s name in any of their social media posts, adding to the intrigue around the name.


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When 3 became 4 our Family is complete @mia.fev @lenifevola lulu #girls #daughters #family #love ❤️

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The couple have three other daughters, Mia, Len and Lulu – so while Brenda is a fabulous choice, we’re putting our money on that just being the middle name.