Brendan and Alex Fevola have announced they are expecting their fourth daughter.

Former AFL player turned radio star Brendan Fevola has announced he and fiancé Alex are expecting their fourth child – a fourth daughter – together.

Sharing the news on the Fifi, Fev and Byron radio show, both Alex and Brendan acknowledged they were shocked but excited by the news.

“We’re having another baby,” Fev told the show. “It all happened when we went to America over Easter – well, not that part, it was a little bit earlier than that – but Alex was feeling really sick over in America. I was like to her, come on, you’ll be right. She thought she was just jet lag.”

Alex joked that Fev even tried to ply her with alcohol  on the trip to make her feel better.

“He forced alcohol into me, he was like have a drink, that’ll make you better,” she joked.


Fev went on to say he “didn’t think anything of it” at the time.

“We have an 18-year-old, we have a 12-year-old and we have an eight-year-old. So, we’d shut up shop and I didn’t think it worked anymore; that it was all done and dusted.”

He said when they arrived home from America, Alex took a pregnancy test and told him the news.

“We got back on that Tuesday morning, I was sitting on the couch watching the basketball, and she had that look, as if I had done something wrong and I was like ‘oh no’. She showed me the stick and she said, ‘we’re having a baby’. I just couldn’t stop laughing.”

The couple said when they tried to tell their three daughters – Mia, 18, Leni, 12 and Lulu, eight – the news last night, they didn’t believe them, convinced it was a “radio gag”.

“We told the kids last night, and I reckon we had a 10 minute conversation trying to convince them that we are having a baby,” Alex said.

In 2016, after appearing on I’m A Celebrity, the former AFL star confirmed he and Alex were back together after splitting for the second time in 2014.

The couple first separated in 2005 after the footballer’s affair with Lara Bingle, when they had a four-month-old baby.