The Bachelor's Alex and Richie say they were 'stabbed in the back' by Woman's Day.

They’ve handled their fair share of criticism from the public since going public with their romance two weeks ago.

While they weren’t expecting such aggressive backlash from the show’s biggest fans, Alex Nation and Richie Strahan were shocked to find that a magazine they’d given exclusive photos and interviews to had “stabbed them in the back”.

“The one thing I got a little bit annoyed at was in Woman’s Day, the ‘Shock Split’ [headline],” the pair told Popsugar Australia.

“We’d finished the show, we were on a high, we’d given them some really lovely pictures of us in Bali, having the time of our lives, and they used that exclusive to have a headline that we’d split,” he said.


“We’d bent over backwards to help them, and then it was a massive stab in the back. We were just frustrated…We don’t give that much of a sh*t about it, it just would’ve been nice if we had a bit more of a backing there but they’d kind of thrown us under a bus, which is just a shame.”

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The pair said they’d built a strong relationship with the magazine as the season went to air, doing “everything that they wanted”.

“I waited for that Monday like, ‘Oh, babe, we’ve got our exclusive with Woman’s Day, I can’t wait to see it! Our beautiful pictures from Bali and our love story that transpired on television,” Alex added.

“And then we saw it and it was like, “Shock Split!” It was just like…one of those moments where we’d given everyone our all. We’d done our absolute best to accommodate everyone.”

“It was pretty disappointing,” said Richie.

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