ALDI worker's beautiful gesture to mum of child who threw epic tantrum.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all felt the weight of the judgement. Heard the tuts of those looking on, tried to keep it together when it just felt too hard.

For one mother from the NSW Hunter region Saturday was that day.

Ashley Holmes says her son was losing his marbles. Via Facebook.

Ashley Holmes, a local mother of two, was doing her weekly grocery shop at ALDI in Kurri Kurri, with her two boys tucked up in the trolley when all hell broke loose.

She says her three-year-old Ethan “lost his marbles.”

Ashley writes that Ethan was having the kind of tantrum that would make most of us want to run but she couldn’t as she had her six-year-old son, Alex with her as well and a full trolley of groceries.

Her son was having the kind of tantrum that makes most of us want to run. Via IStock.

The young mum, who runs her own photography studio, says other customers were watching her, glaring and whispering but she was stuck.

“I persevered, and thought surely, he would settle down in a minute. Well, he didn't” she writes.

“I quickly made my way to the register, loaded the groceries and dashed to the car. 
In complete exhaustion, embarrassment and utter disappointment, a lady in an ALDI uniform came walking towards me.”

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Ashley thought that there was more judgement to come, surely.


“I thought 'argh, what now.”

So she was shocked when the woman produced a bunch of flowers. The kind ALDI worker, whose name tag read 'Shannon' handed the frazzled young mum a bouquet of yellow roses.

"We thought you deserved these, I hope your day gets better, and please don't be embarrassed, we understand"”

The woman proceeded to give Ashley a hug.

Ashley and her two boys. Image supplied.

She writes:

“That gesture, honestly brought me to tears. That was so beautiful. I wanted to just show my honest appreciation for that gesture.
For the total NON judgement. 
For the support, and not whispering about my total lack of control over my child.
So, THANK YOU!!!!!”

In the magical way Facebook works her post found the worker who made her smile.

Shannon Maybury, a local mother herself wrote “My heart just went out to the young lady I felt so sad for her and could see the hard time she was having, so I just wanted to put a smile on her face.”

Ashley said that the “understanding” and “non judgement” meant so much to her, so much.

“What a horrible day it was, and that one little thing made it just that little bit better“ she said.

Shannon - we need more people like you in the world. On behalf of all mums we thank you.

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