Aldi's newest homewares range is so good, shoppers cleared the shelves in just 20 seconds.

This, dear friends, is the chair that sparked a shopping spree.

It’s a grey, fabric-accented arm chair and while you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s designer good looks might set you back hundreds of big ones, it’s actually just $99.99.

Oh, and it’s from Aldi.

aldi grey chair homewares
Hello, pretty chair. Image via Aldi Australia.

It also flew of the shelves in less than 20 seconds.

At 8:30am on Wednesday, the discount retailer released its 'Style Your Room' Special Buys range, which included well-priced (and ridiculously good-looking) homewares like bedding, furniture, pillows and candles.

aldi special buys homewares
Image via Aldi Australia.

News.com.au reports that at one Sydney store, eager shoppers lined up for an hour ahead of opening time, snapping up all of the available grey arm chairs in just 20 seconds flat.

Shoppers turned to social media to share images of their hauls.


"Who braved the crowds this morning?" Instagram user Addicted to Bargains asked.

"I was surprised they still had the arm chairs at my local."

She also shared an image on her Instagram stories letting eager shoppers know which Aldi stores had plenty of stock of the highly-prized item.

Some stores had more available stock than others. Image via Instagram.

Another user said she had to break up a fight between two shoppers.

"I actually had to umpire my first Aldi fight between two old blokes who were about to have a punch up about pushing in," she wrote.

Another joked the shopping experience had "cost me a year off my life."


Other users were quick to chime in with Special Buys horror stories of their own.

"I got there at 8:35 and all the chairs were going through the checkout already!" one woman wrote, while another said there was a "massive hoard of people waiting outside" her local store when she arrived.

Some are suggesting Aldi make the most desirable items available to order online.

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A note on the retailer's website does note that Special Buys stock is limited and often varies between stores.

"Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand," the website reads.

"In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities."

There's always next time, right?