This is what $350 rent gets you in every capital city in Australia.

Sydney, New South Wales, has the highest rent prices in Australia, and is ranked in the top 10 most expensive places to rent on the planet.

One third of Australians currently rent, with that percentage expected to dramatically increase over the next decade.

So, what does $350 rent a week get you in Sydney? And how does that compare with a far less densely populated capital like Hobart? We did some research, and the differences are stark.


Sydney, NSW

When I searched places to rent in Sydney for $350 a week, the first page did not offer properties.

It offered exclusively car spots.

But eventually I came across some inner city apartments, which featured the basics. This one, in Ultimo, is three kilometres, or a 13 minute drive, from the city centre.

You’re looking at a one bedroom, one bathroom unit. Most were studio apartments, and this one seemed to only fit a single bed.


That price, of course, drops once you move further away from the city.

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Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne offered no car spaces. Instead, for $350 you’re looking at a real life apartment with separate rooms and everything.

There are a number of modern options within five kilometres of the CBD.

But similar to Sydney, almost all options were one bedroom, one bathroom.

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Hobart, Tasmania

Holy moley.

In Hobart, you can live in a three bedroom, one bathroom house, with two car spots and a backyard for $350 a week. With a shed. And Apricot trees.

This house is fully renovated, with heating, and is only 15 minutes from Hobart’s CBD.

For $350 in Hobart, your options are extensive.

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Perth, Western Australia

In Perth, you can comfortably find a two bedroom apartment within 5km of the city centre for $350 or less.

Most are apartments or units, but are relatively spacious.

This property has two bedrooms, one with an annex for a study. It’s newly renovated with it’s own garage, and 10 minutes from the city.

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Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide has a number of properties available for $350 and under, a number of which have more than one bedroom.

On average, they’re significantly more spacious than Melbourne or Sydney.

This apartment has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a car space, a renovated kitchen and air conditioning, and is a 12 minute drive to the CBD.

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 Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin has their priorities straight.

Everyone has a pool.

Most apartment blocks offer facilities, including a gym. This property also happens to be “strolling distance to every City restaurant, café, cinema, and every CBD workplace”.

Every property I looked at also had air conditioning, which is a non-negotiable in Darwin.

Although most were apartments, there were some houses that offered up to three bedrooms, and two car spaces.

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 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

In Canberra, you can easily rent a brand new, one bedroom apartment for $350 a week. All include a car space.

This property is a little further out from the city, approximately a 20 minute drive.

This apartment has a sky deck, a stone bench top, and stainless steel appliances.

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 Brisbane, Queensland

Similarly to Darwin, apartments in Brisbane boast facilities like a pool, an outdoor area and a gym.

Brisbane also understands the importance of air conditioning.

This particular property is situated less than four kilometres outside of Brisbane’s CBD.

Properties, especially high rise apartments, aren’t as inclined to come with a car spot, compared with somewhere like Adelaide.

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Simply, $350 a week in rent does not mean the same thing, state to state.

In Hobart, you’re living in a family home.

In Sydney, you’ve got a damn good spot for your car.

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