Listen to Adele's new song When We Were Young. (Expect goosebumps.)

It’s been called the track to watch on Adele’s new album 25.

And last night the superstar released a video performance of When We Were Young recorded in London’s Church Studio. It’s been hotly anticipated with good reason. It’s another ‘pulling at the heartstrings’, goosebump-inducing ballad that Adele is famous for.

Watch the song here.

Video by AdeleVEVO

On Sunday night 60 Minutes will broadcast a world exclusive interview between Adele and Liz Hayes. The music legend opens up about her road to stardom and speaks about how she learnt to believe in herself after the challenges life had thrown at her.

“There was quite a long period where I did not believe in myself, ” Adele tells Liz Hayes.

“For the first time in my entire life I feel like I am dealing with myself.”

“I am an emotional wreck. Everything moves me.”

Video by Channel 9

Adele now lives among other celebrities in Chelsea, London where she can often be seen playing in the local park with her young son. However she grew up in Tottenham, in outer London where she was raised by her 20-year-old sole parent mother. 

“I am waiting for someone to send me back to Tottenham or something,” she says. “I get really nervous… I am scared. I don’t want to disappoint (my fans).”

Liz asks whether her voice has always been what it is now?

“No one ever told me to shut up,” she says.

She says she questioned her rise to fame, “How is it possible that an album kept getting bigger and bigger?”

And now, after releasing a preview of her latest hit single Hello on social media, she says she finally gets how powerful it really is.

The great story of her come-back and an exclusive performance will be aired this Sunday night on 60 minutes.

Bring it on.