Adele: 'People seemed astounded that I was plus-sized and successful.'

Hold on, don’t we like our female musicians to come in one size only?

Despite being a world-ruling, multi-award winning artist whose recent song ‘Hello’ was the first to sell over one million digital copies in the United States, the amazing Adele says people are “surprised” that she’s successful but not skinny.

Speaking to Liz Hayes on 60 Minutes on Sunday night, Adele admitted that although she ‘understands’ people asking about weight, she can’t really work out why they’re asking her.

She explained, “I’ve always been asked questions about my body and my weight and my size and my style and stuff like that… and I totally understand.”

“It’s a little bit annoying that men don’t get asked that question that much.”

Watch Adele’s recent performance of ‘Hello’ on Saturday Night Live here:


Remaining much more rationale than we would should we constantly be asked irrelevant questions about our figure, she simply said, “I don’t make music for eyes I make music for ears.”

She continued, “It seemed to… like astound people that I was plus-sized and being successful.

“You don’t see music, you hear music, so what does it even matter?”

Adele’s performance of ‘When we were young’ on Saturday Night Live:

Video via AdeleVEVO

Adele released her most recent album, 25, on the 20th November, and it has already been met with an incredibly positive reception.

Maybe, just maybe, now that she’s ruling the world the conversation can finally switch from how much she weighs to the size of her incredible talent.

Wouldn’t that be ridiculous?