Hello, it's Adele, and she's doing Carpool Karaoke.

James Corden’s car has played host to some impressive celebrities of late.

In his latest Carpool Karaoke segment (which should probably be called Karpool Karaoke or Carpool Caraoke… I dunno which, but there’s definitely an opportunity being missed), The Late Late Show host has been rolling in the deep with none other than Adele.

For those who thought that Justin Bieber’s earnest rendition of Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Ironic’ was as good as it gets, just wait ’til you hear Adele belting out the Spice Girls.

“I was always Geri and then she left,” the 25 singer confides.

“It’s the first time I was truly heartbroken.”

Corden speculated that perhaps that’s what ‘Someone Like You’ was about before the pair launched into the spiciest version of ‘Wannabe’ we’ve heard in years.

Other highlights included Adele skulling a cup of tea, an anecdote about getting drunk at Christmas and a flawless Nicki Minaj impersonation.

We also want to throw our support behind Corden’s suggestion that Adele gets a Taylor Swift-esque squad of her own.

“My hunch is if you put together a squad, which was like you, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence — she’d bring Amy Schumer — and then Emma Stone.

“Taylor Swift’s squad would shit themselves.”

Adele suggested she already had enough friends.