'I watched A Star Is Born and now I'm one of those people who cries on public transport.'


A single, silent tear just dropped onto my keyboard as I started writing this.

This is not unusual – randomly sobbing and thus scaring small humans on public transport seems to be my thing now.

You see, I’m one of… them. 

I’m one of the thousands of Australians who saw the most anticipated film of the year this weekend.

I’ve been A Star Is Born-ed and I’ll never be the same.

I’ll never see a guitar or a slightly dirty ageing country music singer or a Lady Gaga and not sob into my own boobies while whispering “IT ISN’T FAIR, IT ISN’T FAIR”.

a star is born review

If you've seen the movie, you'll recognise that look.

It's the secret look of someone who has just had their heart ripped out, put through a shredder, and handed back to them by a movie which promised us SINGING and ROMANCE and a WEIRDLY TANNED BRADLEY COOPER who shan't be pronouncing his words right.

And then gave us the kind of ending that rivals Rose and Jack on THAT DOOR at the end of The Titanic.


Anywho, maybe you passed one of us on your way to work this morning and gave them a knowing nod, as silent tears flowed down their face ruining their freshly applied mascara.

Perhaps you spent the weekend listening to the soundtrack and sobbing into your pillow because you're only human and you'll NEVER LOVE AGAIN.

(You don't wanna feel another touch, you don't wanna start another fire.)

Maybe you've started a support group for like minded people who don't want to but must exclusively talk about that ending and the feelings and also the thoughts.

Perhaps you've bought yourself a piano and you now spend your spare time reenacting the final scenes hoping to change the ending but you never can because it BE SET IN STONE.


Maybe this is you right now:


Or this:


Or this:


Perhaps even this:


I'd like to write about how this movie might define a generation, but I can't see the screen through my tears.

I'd love to explain how Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and Ally's (Lady Gaga) love story is so hauntingly dark, yet familiar, it resonates with everyone who watches it, but my keyboard is becoming very... wet.

I want to say you should definitely see this movie - that it's worth the tears - but the sobbing has began again and my colleagues are giving me concerned looks.

So I'll just end with this...

a star is born review

Watch the trailer for A Star Is Born...