A guide to your pregnancy week by week: Weeks 9-12.

Don’t you love how food items are used to describe the size of your growing baby? By week nine of your pregnancy, your baby is similar in size to a peanut. Which is pretty funny considering the fact that during this time eating becomes hugely problematic due to that pesky little problem called morning sickness.

And you can’t even explain to friends and colleagues why you’re so sick. Because you’re not meant to tell them you are pregnant until week 12. Oh, the horror.

(FYI: Morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the morning.)

How much can you expect to spend during the first year of your baby’s life? Article continues after this podcast clip.

Here’s what you can expect week by week between weeks nine-12.

Week 9. 

You’re sick, pretty much constantly. Certain smells make things worse. This can include the smell of your partner’s deodorant, coffee or someone who dares to fry onions close enough for you to be able to smell it.

And while it may not feel like it, morning sickness is a very, very good sign. It means there are lots of pregnancy hormones flooding through your blood stream helping your baby to form and grow.

Pregnancy week 10. Image: iStock

Week 10.

By week 10 your little peanut has developed a bulge in its forehead, which is no cause for alarm, but rather the brain rapidly developing. And it's really starting to look like a little human.

On top of the morning sickness, you may find you're a bit moody by week 10. You're not angry all the time. Sometimes moodiness means you'll burst into spontaneous sobs while watching mothers and children hug during TV commercials. It can be pretty embarrassing and those close to you might put two and two together (nausea, moodiness) and ask you if you're pregnant. It's up to you if you tell them.



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Week 11.

Congratulations! You are pregnant with a fig!

No, seriously, your cute little baby is now the size of a fig and your tummy is hard and your jeans might be a little uncomfortable. You don't look pregnant yet, rather like you've just had a big lunch. You are still sick to your stomach. And you may still be a little moody. But you are growing a human being, so you have a right to be a little cranky.

Hands, fists and tooth buds are now forming. Bones are hardening and everything is firming and forming, just as it should be.

A little bump and a little flutter. Image: iStock

Week 12.

It's ultrasound time and what a relief. You'll get to confirm everything is progressing nicely and shortly thereafter, you can shout it to the rooftops:

I AM PREGNANT! (Actually, if you have a partner maybe say "we", or they might feel left out.)

By now, your baby is the size of a lime and can wriggle around and you may even feel some movement. It feels a bit like butterflies and the first time, so get ready for a beautiful little hello from your child.

And by the way, congratulations.

Information sourced from Baby Centre and What to Expect.

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