6 details you missed in Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron’s new movie.

The sexy new Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron movie, A Family Affair, has debuted to mixed reviews.

The film was in the capable hands of P.S. I Love You director, Richard LaGravenese, and also stars Joey King and Kathy Bates to round out the all-star cast.

The rom-com sees Efron play movie star Chris Cole, who starts a romantic relationship with Kidman's character Brooke, a writer who awkwardly happens to be the mother of Chris' assistant Zara (played by King). Considering Chris' reputation as a nightmare boss and a heartbreaker, Zara attempts to break them up. Chaos ensues.

Look, I've watched this movie and it's not that bad. Like, it's not great but I've suffered through worse. For a Netflix rom-com — an especially fraught genre of film — it's one of the better ones.

A Family Affair has a grim rating of just 43 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes with reviews that highlight "the lack of chemistry between its stars" and the other potential flaws in the film.

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But whether you're a fan of the film or reckon it's a flop, it's raised plenty of questions for viewers. And we're here to answer them all.


What was A Family Affair originally called?

It turns out, A Family Affair had a different title originally — and it has a wildly different energy.

"Originally, it had a different title," Kidman told PEOPLEEfron then clarified the original name: "It was called Motherf**ker."

"Beeped out," Kidman added. "Somehow that didn't make it onto the Netflix title."

Efron said that the shocking title piqued his interest. "That made the script stay at the top of the pile," Efron said. "It's like, what on Earth could this be about?"

Was Zac Efron's rumoured jaw surgery referenced in the movie?

Eagle-eyed viewers reckon that Efron's character got a bit meta in one part, referencing something that actually happened in the actor's life.

In one scene, Chris tells Brooke, "People thought that my quads [muscles] were completely fake. Like, that I got implants," he says.

"But, they're real... I did have surgery though. Just right there [under my chin]. I fell on set onto some broken glass."

This throwaway line led fans to wonder if Efron was attempting to quash rumours he had undergone plastic surgery on his jaw.


Back in 2022, Efron said in an interview with Men’s Health that 10 years prior, he fell on a granite fountain while running in his home with socks. He was left unconscious and when he awoke, he said his chin bone was "hanging off his face". But he claims he didn't have plastic surgery after the accident — instead, he underwent intense physical therapy which led to certain muscles in his face becoming enlarged.

"The masseters just grew," he said. "They just got really, really big." 

Why did Nicole Kidman sign on to do a rom-com?

The Australian actress is best known for her dramatic roles in Big Little Lies and her Oscar-winning performance in The Hours, which means this pivot into rom-coms came as a surprise step for Kidman. 

The decision to sign on to a lighter film was one Kidman made intentionally after filming and producing the TV drama, Expats. "I went, yeah, I would love to be able to go and do that and jump in," she said at the premiere.

"I had done Expats, which took so much out of my soul, and so I was like, okay, I'm not producing this, I'm a hired actor and I'm happy to show up and be a part of the team and have fun."


Why did Zac Efron decide to do the film? 

After Nicole got her hands on the script, she gave Zac a call to have a conversation before they both signed on. 

"I think Nicole knows that, of course, if she's in, I'm in, but I think she called me and was like, 'Are you in? Because then I'm in,' and I was like, very flattering. I was blown away," Efron told Yahoo Canada.

"Then on top of that, we got the icing on the cake, which was Joey [King]. So I knew between the three of us we were just going to have a blast and it ended up being way cooler than anything I ever dreamed of."

Have Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron played lovers before?

Yes! Kidman and Efron played lovers in the 2012 drama The Paperboy, which sweetened the deal for High School Musical star Efron.

Image: Millennium Films. 


"I jumped. I think we both kind of did. We jumped at it," Efron told PEOPLE about the opportunity to work together again. "It was like, this is perfect. What better way to reconnect? And we get to have fun."

The two bonded on the set of the 2012 movie and their friendship has continued to blossom.

"I'm still so enamoured with Nicole," Efron says. "There's a part of me that pinches myself when I realise who I'm working with a lot. I think that was more pronounced during The Paperboy because I was a lot younger. I was very nervous back then."

What does Nicole Kidman think of the age gap? 

For the Netflix movie, the actors have an almost 20-year age gap — Kidman is currently 57 while Efron is 36.

Kidman told PEOPLE that "there isn't enough" of this type of challenging the norm in Hollywood. "We've had it from way back with older men and younger women, that's just always been the norm — it's okay, it's completely acceptable," she said.

"The problem is we've not had the equivalent from all different viewpoints, with women telling the stories. And we need game men."

You can stream A Family Affair on Netflix. 

Feature image: Netflix. 

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