Mamamia recaps A Current Affair's chaotic segment about a woman addicted to lolly snakes.

We've all eaten a few too many lollies in our time but... we haven't eaten as many as a woman named Kylie.

For 10 years, she's been eating a really "hardcore" amount of lolly snakes. So, she reached out to A Current Affair for help, and was aptly named by the show's producers as 'snake lady Kylie'.


Watch: 'Snake lady Kylie' on A Current Affair. Post continues below video.

Video via Nine.

This is truly chaotic television, yet through the entire nine minute segment... I was mesmerised.

Kylie's life is dominated by lolly snakes. They're all over her house, she always has a bowl nearby, and she estimates she's spent tens of thousands of dollars on the packets, "easy".

And as reporter Brady Halls explains, when snake lady Kylie comes home she heads straight for 'the viper chest' near her home's front door. A.k.a... this:

It's like those 'guess how many jellybeans' competitions but with SNAKES in a woman's personal TREASURE CHEST. Image: Nine. 


Oh. She also has snakes in her bathroom.

Feels like a hygiene issue. Image: Nine. 

Snake lady Kylie says if you tie the snakes in a knot, you can fit more of them in your mouth. Make of that what you will.

Halls explains we'll get to the serious stuff - like how snake lady Kylie could be killed by her ultimate love - soon, but first we must discuss two things:

1. Her favourite flavour is orange and,

2. She doesn't like real snakes.

Good to know.

Then suddenly, snake lady Kylie is lying on her couch covered in lolly snakes. It really stresses me out that her lolly of choice does not have a wrapper and is just... exposed to all the germs of her couch and countertop and bathroom.

Image: Nine. 


Oh no, we learn Kylie also has an energy drink addiction too. 

She's been washing down the sugar of snake lollies with the sugar of energy drinks for a decade.

A man with a wheelbarrow arrives to show her just how much sugar she consumes, and right off the bat it doesn't look great.

Oh. Image: Nine. 

No. Image: Nine. 


Wheelbarrow man explains that every two months, snake lady Kylie is consuming her body weight in sugar, with just snakes and energy drinks.

Kylie says she's ashamed and is sorry for 'disrespecting people'. It turns out she has cystic fibrosis and was near death in her 40s when she received a donor organ for a lung transplant.

Unfortunately, the organ rejection drugs had a side effect; transplant-related diabetes.

She felt drained and without enough energy to even get out of bed, she turned to lollies.

"I was exhausted and had no energy whatsoever, but I had a mortgage so I had to keep working," Kylie explains.

"So I would literally use an energy drink and a packet of lollies as a tool to be able to get through the next few hours of work. I cannot stop eating snakes and drinking energy drinks."

Kylie's transplant is now in rejection, and she says her diabetes is a huge contributor to her health decline.

If she doesn't do something about it, she'll die.

"The snakes are killing me," she says.

"Every minute of everyday it goes through my mind the sacrifice that my donor made and my donor's family made to give me another shot at life, and I owe it to them. I'm just so weak that I cannot put down a can of drink.

"I feel like I'm letting so many people down just because I don't have the fortitude to say 'no, no more'."

Image: Nine. 


Thankfully, ACA is here to help Kylie banish the snakes from her life.

Wheelbarrow man, who is actually a hypnotherapist named Mark Stephens, is back, and he's confident he can break Kylie's habit with three minutes of hypnosis.

She joins a group of other people wanting to break habits: There is a woman who picks her cuticles till they bleed, a smoker, a drinker, someone who enjoys too much Coca Cola and woman who cooks food, including boiled potatoes, in her sleep.

We would like a segment on her next, please.

Mark explains how he intends to help them all by changing their subconscious thoughts.

After three minutes of staring at a photo of herself with an orange (?) on her iPhone, snake lady Kylie is suddenly repulsed by the sight of snake lollies.

"Someone needs to ditch my treasure chest before I get home." Image: Nine. 


She says the snakes look and feel dirty to her. Wait until she sees the bathroom ones....

Suddenly, the heavy wine drinker hates the smell of wine and the smoker won't take $100 to have one cigarette.

The cynic in me thinks this is ridiculous, but the evidence is before my very eyes: Former snake lady Kylie tips a bowl of snakes in the bin, and suddenly, she's free.


The segment ends, and ACA confirms she has not touched a lolly snake or energy drink in the week since the story aired.

It appears this was an ad for Mark's hypnotherapy masked as an unusual human interest story but... I don't care. 

I am just so pleased for Kylie and her freshly-emptied treasure chest.

At the beginning of the show, I had no idea the story of a snake lolly addict would become one of the most touching of the year, but that is how things have ended up.

2020 just keeps getting stranger.

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Feature image: Nine.