A definitive ranking of lollies. Yes, definitive.

Thanks to our brand partner, Allen's

There’s something that as women, we’re very good at keeping secret. When people think about an (almost) all-female workplace, they probably assume we’re very ‘lady-like’. Eating cucumber sandwiches and sipping on herbal teas, while, of course, all having our period and not being able to find our workplace because we’re so bad with directions.

What most people don’t realise is the extent to which we love need to snack. The brain needs sugar, people. Who can seriously claim to watch The Bachelor or get through the struggle of Friday afternoon without goddamn lollies?

But, there’s an issue. We can’t always agree on the right lollies. And there’s nothing worse than preparing yourself for a sugar fix to find a sub-par treat sitting in front of you. So I thought I’d settle it once and for all – what’s Mamamia’s favourite Allen’s lolly?

There was tension. There were arguments. But ultimately, we have a clear winner.

5. Teeth.

Random. So random. But a number of staff indicated that teeth are their favourite lolly.

Their reasoning? Part novelty, part nostalgia and part taste.

All about the novelty. Image: Mamamia.

4. Killer pythons.

Snakes are far too small. Here at Mamamia, we’re into the pythons.


According to one colleague, they double as a delicious treat and decorative neck piece.

Ah yes, of course they do.

Snakes are just too small. Image: Mamamia.

3. Red frogs.

These remind us so much of our childhood. It was just tradition to finish Saturday morning netball and buy a bag of red frogs. Now, they’re the perfect lollies for the Friday afternoon munchies.

There’s so many in a packet. They’re so fun. And the concept of a red frog makes so little sense.

I just realised how many lollies are made to resemble animals…


The perfect way to finish off a Saturday morning of netball. Image: Mamamia.

2. Milk bottles.

Milk bottles are a hit in the Mamamia office. One colleague even started the hashtag #teammilkbottle, which was slightly aggressive, and unnecessary.

The interesting thing was that all those who love milk bottles thought they were the only ones. Is there a stigma around the humble milk bottle? Why don’t people realise how universally loved they are?

Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re not as colourful as their opponents. But their milky flavour seems to have won over the taste buds of a lot of women.

#teammilkbottle Image: Mamamia.

Now finally, drum roll please…


1. Strawberries and cream.

OBVIOUSLY! Am I right!?

These are adored at Mamamia. They’ve been our go-to pre-Bachelor snack, our Friday treat and our mid-afternoon saviour.

They combine the creaminess of milk bottles and the fruitiness of strawberries to be the perfect piece of yumminess.

One colleague actually described in detail how she always peels off the strawberry part, eats that, and then eats the cream. In no way is this normal.

Our mid-afternoon saviour. Image: Mamamia.

A special mention must go to jelly beans, Fantales and pineapples who were each passionately fought for by various members of staff. Including the person who argued for the ‘educational’ value of Fantales. (Amen).

But, at the end of the day, our ultimate dream is a Smörgåsbord of Allen’s lollies. At our office party we had at least six types of lollies, and we ate them from champagne glasses, like the downright classy ladies we are.

All-female workplaces (well, at least this all-female workplace) runs on sugar.  Thank GOD for Allen’s lollies – especially strawberries and cream.

Which Allen's lolly is your favourite?