11 things only people who wear Spanx understand.

Adele once revealed that she wore “three or four” pairs of Spanx to the Grammys. Thus cementing the fact that she is a braver woman than you or I.

We don’t have a swarm of paparazzi cameras pointed at our faces but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that one pair of Spanx is enough.

Sure, there’s so much to love about Spanx – hidden bloat, no VPLs – but with most things in life they come with downsides. Talking about these downsides started an avalanche of Spanx-related complaints from the Mamamia team. Here are the 11 problems we came up with, add your own in the comments below!

1. The sheer bicep power you need to get them on in the first place.

2. Feeling nauseous because you’re literally squeezing your internal organs.

3. Going to the toilet. And wanting to do this:

4. Nearly wetting your pants because you’ve waited until you’re absolutely busting before attempting to take them off.

5. The shorts ones that roll up at the bottom and make your thighs look like Saturn, with rings around them.

6. When they’re too long and can be seen below the hemline of your dress. Announcing to the world you’re wearing shapewear.

7. When you take them off and it looks like you’ve been through several rounds of surgery for an extremely traumatic injury.

8. When the legs of my Spanx roll up, and and create little ridges under my dress, thus defeating the entire purpose.

9. How they squash the skin and fat out elsewhere. So I get a flat tummy but the fat gets reassigned halfway down my thighs.

10. There is nothing worse than the smell of a lower body that has been encased in Spanx for over eight hours.

11. Trying to get them off after a few drinks, and just giving up and sleeping in them.

Over to you, unload your Spanx-related problems here!