9 (very important) style and beauty lessons we learned from the 2013 Emmys.


I’m not going to lie, one of the best things about yesterday was looking at frocks all day and calling it ‘work.’ We’ve taken the job very seriously and have dissected the red carpet trends to come up with the top 9 style takeaways from the night.

1. You don’t actually need to cut your hair off this summer: The Faux Bob. 

The bob hairstyle has gone through many incarnations in recent years, first we had the Pob (Posh Beckham’s bob), then the Lob (Long Bob) and now we’ve got the Fob (Faux Bob).

Claire Danes’ Faux Bob hairstyle was talked about more than her sleek Armani Prive gown and gorgeous makeup. It caused quite the Twitter furore until Lena Dunham settled the “Did she cut it?” debate on E!

 QLD Hairdresser of the Year and MBFF Hair Director, Craig Smith shares his 5-step Faux Bob tutorial:

1. To create this look, first apply a strong-hold mousse throughout damp hair and blow dry (you need to add some texture and grip to the hair to help hold this style in place).

2. Create a deep side part and using a wide-barrelled curling tong to curl the hair down and under towards the nape of the neck. Work in two main sections for extra control.

3. Keeping the curl in place, use bobby pins to securely pin the part of the curl closest to the head directly onto the scalp to hold in place. This allows it to keep the volume and roundness of the curl.

4. Gently smooth out a little hair to hide the open curl loops on either side around the face. This gives the effect of a full bob, rather than a hollow curl, and a sideswept fringe can also help with this illusion.

5. Finish with ample hairspray to hold in place and keep any frizz smooth.

2. Tousled side-parts and beachy waves are in:

3. Hair needn’t be too tricky.

You have to love it when beauty trends and minimal effort collide to make easy-diy hair.  Kiernan Shipka, Amanda Peet and Heidi Klum went for high ponytails whilst Kate Mara, Sofia Vergara and Tina Fey opted for half-tucked worn down styles.

4. Turns out nail art is not dead:

Lena Dunham, Zooey Deschanel and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland flew the nail art flag.

5. Thou shall not match your eye makeup to your dress:

Celebrities have it tough; not only do they get stalked by the paparazzi but also incur the wrath of the Internet if they decide to sartorially sidestep the ‘fashion’ rules. Lena Dunham matched her eye makeup to her teal printed Prada dress, a move that did not sit well with the Twittersphere but to be fair, most of the outrage was directed at the Prada.

6. Go bold or go pale:

The key lip colours from the night were bold orangey-reds or soft pastel pales. Like Christina Hendricks’ shade? Her makeup artist used Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Power Red.


Pale nudes and pastel pink lips:

6. Emerald green accessories:

Remember when Angelina Jolie turned up to the 2009 Oscars in a simple black dress and huge emerald green earrings? It’s like Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks and Sarah Hyland all had that image pinned to their Emmys Pinterest board.


7. Ruffles/Mermaid dresses:

Sure there was a time when mermaid dresses were considered with the same amount of disdain reserved for mullets and ugg boots outside the house but not in 2013. As demonstrated by Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen, Malin Akerman and Anna Gunn.

8. It’s okay to forget your pants.

Who needs a slip when you have giant granny pants to protect your modesty?

9. Rose Byrne = perfection

The hair, the makeup, the clutch, the DRESS:


Special mentions:

Jon Hamm’s beard instantly become a hashtag, creatively named #jonhammsbeard and look out for the inevitable memes to come, Rose Byrne is dating the funky spunk guy from Sex and the City (how did we miss this?) and Merritt Wever won the prize for the best speech ever.

Our Top 10 best dressed:

All the frocks:

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