Hairdressers are charging $800 for a haircut and colour. Is this real life?


It’s fun to swap hairdresser war stories.

Colours gone wrong. Bad cuts that never quite grow out. Overly sexual head-massages or head basins that leave you at the osteopath.

So when you find a GOOD hairdresser, they’re worth their weight in gold. And now, it might seem, quite literally.

Because when Monique Bowley, host of the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, needed a haircut, she asked her friend, who has the kind of locks that you would step over your own mother for.

And her friend, who is an excellent friend in that she wishes good lustrous locks upon everyone, bestowed upon her the number of her excellent hair tamer.

Except when Mons rang up to book in, she discovered that good hair comes at a price.

Like, an $800 cut-and-colour price.

And her reaction? Listen here:

Post continues after audio:

Yep. SIXTEEN of your hard earned pineapples.

“Did you call your friend back and say, who are you? WHO ARE YOU? You have got to call your friend back, and ask her, what kind of job do you that you can do this? Even if she’s not spending $800, she is obviously spending half of that,” our Editor in Chief, Kate de Brito asked Mons.

But, Mia Freedman has answers. Logical ones. And, as she explains in the podcast this week, everything can be explained by the simple law of supply and demand.

Hairdressers can charge $800. It’s a free market. And if that is how much people will pay to have good hair, that is what someone can charge.

And in case you were wondering, no you can’t book in, because she is booked out until the year 2020.

But…we still have one question – what’s Monique going to do now?

One solution? Mia reckons, ‘Just get drunk and cut it yourself. That’s what I used to do,”

The full episode of Mamamia Out Loud is in itunes or here. It’s the show with what women are talking about: