9 experts share the best piece of fitness advice they've ever been given.

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When you’re not someone who lives and breathes fitness, even the most basic nugget of advice can have a significant effect on the way you approach and think about working out.

So what about those people who have made a career of training and inspiring people to look after their fitness? Do they ever get those ‘a-ha!’ moments too?

We asked these experts to share the best piece of fitness advice they’ve ever received, or heard in their travels. Here’s what they had to say:

“Hold yourself accountable.”

“The best piece of advice I think I have heard is to hold yourself accountable. You’re in charge of your own fitness, strength, eating habits and how you feel about yourself. I like this because it puts a big wall up to front any excuses that we all make. The only person that is going to change or better your health and fitness is you.” — Lauren Hannaford, elite gymnast, personal trainer and IsoWhey Sports ambassador

“Just get up and go.”

“Training first thing gives your mind no time to ‘find’ excuses. As soon as the alarm goes off, jump out of bed, put your workout gear on and get out the door! It is also so easy to get home from work after a long day, feeling tired and unmotivated to train and sit on the couch. Your workout doesn’t have to always be hardcore or intense. Putting on your workout gear and sneakers and out the door into the fresh air for a walk is going to get your feel good endorphins flowing, not the mention the benefits of being in fresh air.” — Kat Weihen, personal trainer and lululemon ambassador.

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“If you like it, you’ll stick to it.”

“When choosing a workout make sure it’s something you enjoy and suits your lifestyle. Many people try to ‘make themselves’ like a particular form of exercise. For example, clients will ask me how to ‘like running more’. Do you prefer to exercise indoors or outdoors? With a workout buddy, a group or class, or alone? You are more likely to abandon a healthy lifestyle change if your chosen activity doesn’t suit your preferences or lifestyle. And try a range of workouts if you’re not sure what to do – if you don’t enjoy one move on until you find something that you do enjoy. It not only makes exercise more effective, it also increase the chance you’ll be able to stick with it.” — Ali Cavill, Owner and Head Trainer at Fit Fantastic

Can't stand running, but love swimming? That's OK. (istock)

"Consistency is key."

"Have a training routine that includes plenty of kettlebell exercises, and repeat it consistently three times per week. Consistency is the key to all program success." — Jarrod Egan and Scott Taylor, co-founders of KettleFit

"Do what makes you feel more vibrant."

"The best fitness advice I have ever been given would have to be to do what makes me feel energised, happy and more vibrant. Also, that it is a great way to give something back to yourself. It is a time that you are removing yourself from work, family and or other commitments to do something that is completely for yourself, for your physical and mental health. For me that definitely involves getting outdoors; swimming in the ocean, surfing, dancing to crazy tunes, and of course yoga." — Carla McMillan, co-founder of Bodypass and yogi (Post continues after gallery.)

"No one controls time."

"Hands-down the best piece of fitness advice I have ever been given was from an old Army officer. Just before I left for my Special Forces selection, he said 'they control everything out there except for time. No one controls time. Eventually it will end, just be there when it does.' Even though this advice was given to me, and meant for a very specific occasion, it can be used by anyone." — Anthony Richardson, owner and trainer at Ausfit Outdoor Fitness and lululemon ambassador.

"Get involved."

"Mine is more of a way of life than actual advice. My Maude (mum) always got me involved in so many different sporting and fitness activities. I met so many people who are still, to this day my closest friends, never had to worry about my weight or health, had a great active social life and it led me to what would become a career that has enabled me to travel the world and set up a great business here. Thanks Maude." — Georgia Van Tiel, exercise scientist and co-founder of Bodypass.

"Listen to your body."

"My beautiful mentor gave me this piece of advice. Recovery, mixing up your exercise (that includes yoga, walks and stretching) and not ignoring fatigue will ensure that you get the most from your workouts and the most from your body. It is a common mistake for new exercisers and enthusiastic new PTs to ignore the signs of overtraining and push to the point of exhaustion and injury. I have been a typical case of this in the past and ignored this golden nugget of advice on many occasions. Now I choose to listen to my body and it responds by performing better than it ever has. If I wake up and my legs feel like lead, I have a niggle in my back or I feel a little under the weather I will take myself off on a nice beach walk or to a gentle yoga class. If I wake up feeling full of energy I will head to a high intensity gym class. It creates balance in my body and mind." — Nadine Veverka, personal trainer and founder of tailored health, beauty and wellbeing program Her Master Plan

Have you ever heard a golden piece of fitness advice?