The 50 biggest songs of 2015 have been moulded into one glorious mashup.

2015 has been a massive year for music.

There have been so many brilliant tunes released over the last 12 months that they all seem to blur into one. As we begin to celebrate the end of 2015, someone has turned that blur of music into reality.

San Francisco based “DJ Earworm”has been compiling these mashups since 2007 and this year has presented the world with 5 minutes of intricately mixed music. It’s the 50 biggest songs of 2015 in one incredible mashup.

So, who rocked hard enough to make the cut?

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

It wouldn’t be a year in music without a fanatical dance craze and this year that was Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). Everyone had a version, from the teenage girl who challenged a female police officer to a dance-off to Ellen trying to teach Hillary Clinton how to do it. 

The musical rebirth of Justin Bieber.

I hate to say it but whether you are a fan of his or not, I can almost guarantee at some point, you’ve sung along to one of his songs this year. The melodies are so catchy it’s impossible not to. Is it too late now to say sorry for including him in this post?

The triumphant return of Adele with 25.

This wouldn’t be a best bits post without me mentioning the return of Adele to the music world. From the moment the world heard the opening seconds of “Hello” we went crazy. The woman who has the power with words to make grown men sob uncontrollably was back. My favourite thing she’s done however is not  that she brought back the flip phone but rather when she impersonated herself as shy singer “Jenny”


And finally ( you knew this was coming) I need to mention the absolute world domination of Taylor Swift.

In case you weren’t counting, 4 songs off Taylor’s 1989 were just in that mashup, more than any other artist. She has been the queen of pop music in 2015,  killing it with her girl squad and surprising fans all over the world with her special guests on tour. 

It’s been a massive year and I’m sure 2016 will have just as many catchy songs for you to car dance to.

You can watch the full video here:

Video via DJ Earworm