Five meals to cook for the kid who only eats spaghetti.



Before I became a mother I dreamed of serving delicious meals to my children each evening. We’d all sit and talk and eat. I’d make healthy foods only and they’d love them because I was an excellent mother.

Reality looks more like this… My eldest Philip eats chicken skin but not chicken and is a moody eater, while middle child Giovanni likes plain foods. Thank goodness my youngest Caterina is just like her mummy. She and I devour our dinners like ravenous animals and normally eat the boys leftovers too. So proud…

Thinking of dinner recipes for kids each week is exhausting. This is the plan of action for this week. Fingers crossed, again.

Monday: Chicken and vegetable fried rice

This works well because I can leave some plain rice for Giovanni, Philip can eat the parts he likes and Caterina and I will be in foodie heaven, plus it’s excellent for lunch the next day.

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Tuesday: Spring rolls

My kids love any food that can be dipped in a sauce and spring rolls are perfect. Try these prawn spring rolls for a delicious change.

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Wednesday: Chinese-style lemon chicken

This is such a pretty dish and while only two out of three of my kids with eat the greens, the rest will be devoured.

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Thursday: Italian-style grilled cheese sandwich

We often have toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner and the beauty is you can make them interesting. Bake them, fry them, change the fillings. Cut them into different shapes… This one is a favourite of ours.

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Friday: Baked chicken nuggets

Need I say more? If I made these every night for a year my kids would never get sick of them.

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