Roadtest: The exercise tights that are so good you feel like you aren't wearing tights at all.

I didn’t know I needed a pair of exercise tights that made me feel naked until I tried them. And this is a feeling I could get used to.

By naked I don’t mean exposed and vulnerable, I mean really, really comfy.

The 2XU Hypotik Compression tights are good. So good, you forget you are wearing them at all.

To test the tights out (yes, this is part of my job, poor me), I decided to partake in two activities.

Firstly, I decided to go for a run and see how they go when it comes to the basics. I was looking for a tight that didn’t slip down below the waist, and that made me feel supported.

The face I made when I realised I had to actually wear these running, and not just to the shops. Image: Supplied.

Secondly, I decided to give the tights a road test at yoga. In this scenario, I was looking to see how the compression tights stretched when moved into deeply unnatural positions.

But before I got started, I had a quick look at the tights for features. The tights have reflective panels on them, that if I was brave enough to run in the dark seem like they would be pretty great.

They also have a great (though small) pocket at the front of the tights for me to put my house key in. While I prefer pockets with zips, this pocket works well, because the tights are so tight that your house key isn't going to fall out. The tights are a great length and were true to the 7/8 length claim, but given my height, they could easily be a full-length tight on some people.

Unpacking the tights. Image: Supplied.

Test One: Running. 

In the spirit of testing these tights out, I went for my first run in quite a while.

Full disclosure: I'm not exactly what you'd call a 'professional' or even a 'hobby' runner, but these tights were honestly pretty good.

They were tight and seemed to give my legs the support they needed, and my house key sat snuggly in the front pocket. They also look classic and good quality, which is also very important.


These tights are the only support I need in my life. Image: Supplied.

Test Two: Yoga. 

As I moved into the downward dog in the living room, I was surprised at how well these tights worked for yoga. They were perfectly firm, so I didn't have to yank them up or readjust during my yoga session. They were breathable and they stretched really nicely.

At the end of my yoga session, my roommate asked me to do the squat test, which is apparently something exercise people do when they are buying tights to see if the pants are see-through.

She said she could see that I was wearing Victoria's Secret because the thick band of my undies obviously read VICTORIA'S SECRET, but also she wouldn't have noticed if she wasn't looking.  She also said she couldn't see an undie line which is great. 

If the flash on my camera is anything to go by, the reflective panels work well. Image: Supplied.

Test Three: General other stuff I do in my active wear. 

Let's be honest, activewear isn't just for doing active things. I wore these tights to clean the house, go for a coffee, and write an essay for uni. They improved each experience significantly.

I would recommend these tights as a solution for those who actually like running around or doing yoga naked, you are much less likely to be arrested, and will feel 100 times more support.

You're welcome.

The 2XU Women's Hyoptik Mid-Rise Compression 7/8 Tights and currently on sale for $69.99.