The glaring mistakes on the royals' 2017 Christmas card.

Guys, we have an emergency on our hands. A grave mistake has been made. Sadly, an employee over at Kensington Palace is presumably packing their bags and jumping on Seek.com…

Because someone forgot to tell Kate and Wills it’s Christmas.

On Monday night, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared Their Royal Highnesses’ Christmas card for 2017 and it’s a bloody disaster. According to Kensington palace, the photo was taken ‘earlier this year’, in May even – and it’s just not acceptable.


Now there’s no denying it’s a lovely family photo. They’re all in blue. Wills and Kate are really tall and the kids are really small. And Princess Charlotte giving a bit of sass is pretty much the best thing we’ve seen all year.


But… but… where’s the Christmas?

Where’s the Christmas baubles or bon bons, or these funny Christmas jumpers we hear so much about that the royal family ‘supposedly’ wear?

At the very least a simple tree with a bit of tinsel would’ve sufficed.

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Aside from the fact this “Christmas card” is missing, you know, CHRISTMAS, there’s a few other things that haven’t made the cut too.

Like the family dog. Didn’t anyone think of the dog?!

Or scenery. The outdoors? Fresh air?

And toys! The last two years, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were at least given a train and a balloon animal to amuse themselves with. Clearly Charlotte wasn’t OK with this years’ lack of toys. Poor kids.

SEE. In 2015 AND 2016 they had fresh air AND toys. Image: Twitter/Kensington Palace.

Also, even though it's HER CHOICE as to whether or not she blesses us with her 'baby bump', we're a bit devastated the unborn bub currently residing in Kate's belly didn't make the cut. Again, HER CHOICE, but also, an update on how all of that is going would've been nice, you know?

In their defence, Kate and Wills have a history of using photos that aren't all that Christmassy - or recent - for their Christmas card.

But we guess we just thought with Meghan joining the family and all, they might've been feeling a bit more... festive.