16 low-fat foods that are making you fat.

If you really thought about it, there’s something “wrong” with every single food you eat. There’s so much information out there about what we should and shouldn’t be eating that it can be impossible figure out the healthiest food choices for you.

Adding to the confusion are the number of low-fat foods that masquerade as healthy however can contain ridiculous amounts of sugar and other scary substances that have no place in a weight-loss or weight-maintenance diet.

When it comes to low-fat foods, on top of all of that sugar and chemical substances, we tend to over-eat them for a couple of reasons. Firstly because they fail to satisfy us like their high-fat, richer counterparts and secondly because in our crazy brains we think we can eat more because they are “healthy”.

Here are 16 low-fat foods you need to stop eating now.


For those of us training for events such as City 2 Surf (do you like how I threw that in there?) we need to be extra careful about what we eat and how we exercise. Because there are only a few weeks left to go. A bunch of us here at Mamamia Women’s Network will be running the event this year to raise money for the brilliant Sister2Sister program.

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