15 magical uses for peanut butter that don't involve eating.

Peanut butter is as important to me as air and water. It’s delicious, healthy, affordable and thanks to my fellow peanut-butter-loving colleagues here at Mamamia, available at all times across the work day. In fact I’d go as far as to say that Mamamia owes much of its commercial success to peanut butter, both crunchy and smooth.

What you are about to read is one of the most controversial posts I’ve ever written during my three-plus years here at this amazing organisation.

Peanut butter isn’t just for eating.

Also, peanut butter is better than Nutella.

And crunchy peanut butter is better than smooth.

Now before you lose your mind commenting on my daring claims, I urge you to keep on reading because what you are about to learn could change your life.

The peanut butter in the Mamamia cupboard. Image: Provided

Peanut butter has so many amazing uses. Personally I'd never waste my peanut butter like this but would happily sacrifice smooth peanut butter for these purposes.

Smooth peanut butter does have a purpose after all.

1. Getting rid of scratches on furniture.

Just rub, rub, rub the peanut butter on the scratched area in circular motions until it starts to fade away. The oil in the peanut butter works to expand the area and colour the damaged wood.


2. Getting gum out of kid's hair.

It's just as easy to snip that bit of hair out of your kid's hair. My son got Blue-Tack stuck in his hair last week and I just cut it out. However my daughter would freak if I did that to her so it's good to know I can smear peanut butter into the affected area and simply slide it all out.

3. Hiding medicine.

This is a great trick for giving medicine to dogs because dogs LOVE medicine. It's a great way to hide medicine for kid's too. Or in Nutella if they prefer #nochildofmine.

'Crunchy peanut butter is better than smooth. There I said it.' Image: iStock

4. To murder mice.

If you run out of cheese or feel cheese is too expensive to waste on catching mice, you can put a dab of peanut butter on mouse traps to lure them to their deaths. A more humane way is to catch them in those friendly mouse traps and release them into the wild, so they can find another home to live in and be murdered there.

5. Instead of shaving cream.

I can picture myself smearing peanut butter all over my legs before shaving them, music playing, candlelight flickering. It helps the shaver to glide over your skin, moisturises as well and leaves you smelling delicious.


6. As a moisturising face mask.

There are a few foods like avocado and oatmeal that serve well as face masks but don't forget peanut butter. Rub it into your skin and eat a spoonful while it works away before wiping it off gently. Your skin will be radiant.

If you really must eat your peanut butter try Monz's amazing super quick chocolate peanut cheesecake truffle recipe.

7. As an air freshener.

I love salmon but it stinks up the whole house. If you have a stinky home for any reason you can fry some peanut butter and the smell disappears.

8. To murder insects.

When you have an almost empty jar of peanut butter, instead of spending blissful minutes in front of the TV scrapping every last morsel off with a spoon you can simply place it on the ground sideways and let it trap insects. You don't have to murder them. You can simply release them into your backyard (so they can find their way back into your home later that day).

9. As hair conditioner.

Mayonnaise is an amazing hair conditioner, as is actual hair conditioner, but so is peanut butter, especially the really oily kind. Smoosh it all through your hair and then rinse it out. I imagine it takes a little bit longer to rinse out but think of the smell as it heats up and melts away.

10. Stop squeaking doors.

Peanut butter is oily and can double for that oil spray you get from the hardware store - WD40. That oil spray smells awful and spreads toxic fumes around your home so instead of using it to stop doors from squeaking, rub a bit of peanut butter onto joints instead.

'If you run out of cheese or feel cheese is too expensive to waste on catching mice, you can put a dab of peanut butter on mouse traps to lure them to their deaths.' Image: iStock

11. To remove rego stickers, and all stickers.

It's so cool that we no longer need rego stickers on our cars. We haven't needed them for a couple of years now however my car is still carrying the remnants of my 2013 rego sticker which I tried to peel off but didn't do so successfully. Peanut butter removes glue so can be used for rego stickers, general stickers, price stickers and glue messes.

12. As a leather cleaner.

You can polish leather furniture with peanut butter leaving it shiny thanks to all of that lovely oil.

13. Polish those shoes.

Forget shoe polish. Peanut butter can shine those shoes up. Just smear it all over (not too much) and then give it a buff.

14. To clean windows and windshields.

Peanut butter is useful for cleaning windows and windshields, removing sticky insect carcusses and funky bits before washing or polishing.

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