Histories hidden behind the Kardashian dynasty's most regal cover to date.

In our current day and age, it’s hard to imagine or even remember a world that existed without the Kardashians (BK vs AK, if you will). A world without Kimojis, sock lines, countless family dramas, televised childbirths, and women consistently having to justify how and why they’re famous to begin with.

But as we live and breathe, friends, Keeping up with the Kardashians has reached its ten year anniversary. Yep, ten years of Kim, Kris and the gang sharing their most intimate moments and most staged sagas.

To mark the milestone, this week, the family posed for the Hollywood Reporter in a stripped back but ultra-gram cover shoot. But from its initial pilot episode to today, a whole lot of things have changed.

1. It’s pronounced couture, dahling.

When the show first started it’s unlikely any high-end designers were willing to lend their wares to an unknown family from Calabasas, but thanks to their hundreds of millions of fans, the Kardashian and Jenner women are sporting Yeezy, Celine, Givenchy and Balmain in their 2017 cover shoot.

kardashians 10 year special
Throw back to 2007. Source: E!

2. Goodbye, Rob.

Remember Rob Kardashian? Jokes, everyone (unfortunately) remembers Rob. In the early seasons of KUWTK, he was the affable younger brother constantly ignoring the sage advice of his older sisters. But at some point, things took a turn and Rob. He moved in with older sister Khloe, failed to attend Kim's wedding to Kanye West and has been a source of concern for his large family ever since.

For a time, Rob and his now ex-fiancee Blacc Chyna shared their own spin-off reality show (aptly titled Rob and Chyna) that was essentially a long, drawn-out depiction of what an emotionally abusive relationship looks like.

Most recently, Rob has made headlines after sharing explicit images of Chyna (the pair share a daughter, Dream Renee Kardashian) that may see him face jail time, so no real surprise that he didn't make a guest appearance on the family's Hollywood Reporter cover.

rob kardashian blac chyna instagram
Rob Kardashian. Source: E!

3. Farewell, Caitlyn.

For years, Caitlyn Jenner was known around the world as Bruce, or more affectionately, "Bruiser," the no bs, traditional values step-dad of the Kardashian family and biological father of the clan's youngest children, Kendall and Kylie.

And while her presence had been shrinking for some time, it wasn't until late 2014 that Caitlyn took what was then an unexplained leave of absence from KUWTK. Many believed her marriage to matriarch Kris was on the rocks, but as the world learned in April 2015, Caitlyn announced not only that her marriage of 24 years was over, but that she was a transgender woman.


Initially, the family rallied around Caitlyn and showed a huge amount of support for the woman they still refer to as "dad", but following the release of her memoir in 2017, relations appear to have soured and few of the infamous family now speak to her.

Caitlyn and Kris Jenner
Caitlyn and Kris Jenner were married for more than two decades. Image via Getty.

4. Kourtney is now a mum. Several times over.

In season 1 of the show, Kourtney was still in her 20s and dating a dirtbag dude named Scott. He was shady in the true sense of the word and none of her sisters wasted any time in letting her know, something that ran as a major plotline in the early seasons of the show.


Incredibly, 10 years later the plotline is still running strong, thanks to Scott having paid actual money to name himself a Lord, Kourtney regularly ending their relationship and reigniting it again weeks later, Scott entering rehab for substance abuse and mental health issues multiple times, and the couple welcoming three children into the world (7-year-old son Mason, 5-year-old daughter, Penelope and 2-year-old son, Reign).

Currently, the pair are not dating and Kourtney is dedicating her time to landing architectural magazine covers.

5. Kim is the Beyonce of reality TV.

Also now a mum, many, many things have changed for Kim Kardashian in the past 10 years, not least her wardrobe. For starters, she no longer works for Paris Hilton or organises people's closets for a living, nor is she dating her season 1 boyfriend, Reggie Bush.

Over the course of the show that effectively launched her career, Kim has been married twice (before Kanye, her union to Kris Humphries lasted 72 days), welcomed two children into the world and thanks to her Kimoji and Kim Kardashian Game apps, is officially not only a reality television and promotional icon, but also a tech mogul.

One thing that has remained the same, though? Kim is still, as she ever was, the HKIC (Head Kardashian In Charge).

6. Khloe is a body guru, has avoided any further arrests and has been married and divorced.

Remember when Khloe had to go to jail? No judgment if you don't, but FYI, it was the moment from which this iconic gif was born.

kardashians 10 year special
Source: Giphy.

Khloe also allowed Kourtney to burn her vagina on television, abused her mum more times than we can remember and lay in a bath of candy to take "sexy" photos for her then partner, Lamar Odom.

In today's Kardashian world, though, Koko appears to have put all of that behind her and adopted a protein-rich, leafy greens heavy diet and now spends the majority of her time at the gym or promoting her incredible denim line, Good American. Secretly, we're all hoping for boozy Khloe to return, right? Right?

Khloe Kardashian shocked
Source: E!

7. Kendall is an international model and now offends people on a daily basis.

Sporting an awkward fringe and imitating her big sister's pose, little Kendall "Kenny" Jenner was just 11 years old when she first hit KUWTK. She still wore tutus, enjoyed wholesome activities like chasing her dogs around the house and annoying her older brother, Rob, and even went to school.

Fast forward to 2017 and Kendall appears to have taken hold of the 'most offensive Kardashian' baton that was previously held by Kim and Khloe at respective periods and now pisses people off on a regular basis thanks to a tone-deaf Pepsi commercial, her friendship with a man accused of multiple rapes, and her fashion line that superimposed her face over that of an iconic black rapper.


Giving zero fucks, though, Kendall is also busy gracing the runways of just about every major fashion house and being forever on holiday with her fellow supermodel pals.

pepsi kendall ad
This did not end well. Image via Pepsi.

8. Kylie and her lips grew the hell up.

Like Kendall, Kylie was also a baby when the show began, but taking a look at her then and now photos almost nothing about the now 20-year-old is recognisable. For starters, she's gone through puberty,  had a high-profile relationship with her brother's girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, launched a makeup empire and had millions of people talk about the authenticity of her lips (after Kim outed her, we learned they are, in fact, fake).

Kylie's current 2017 look is best described as culturally appropriating gangsta chic, and in what is a perfect next chapter, is soon to launch her own spin-off reality series, Life of Kylie.

kardashian 10 year special
Kendall and Kylie in 20017. Source: Getty.

9. Kris Jenner has not aged a day. Literally.

A lot of people really dislike Momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner, but far out, the woman knows how to nip, tuck, peel, and take care of her skin in a way that has not aged her a god damned day.

She also wheels a mean business deal and has managed to turn all of her children into multi-multi-millionaires within the space of ten years. Sure, it took some Playboy covers and failed business ventures (remember the Kardashian credit cards?), but the woman never says die.


10. From a sex tape, came all of this.

Despite the passing of a decade, people still love to bring up the distant memory that is Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J, also known as the video that launched the family's collective career. And while there's no question the tape should stop being brought up (if for no other reason than Kim's accomplishments over the past decade clearly outstrip a one-time sexual performance) there is one positive thing that comes from all this, and that's proof that for the Kardashians, the man does not maketh the woman.

No one talks about Ray J, or her exes Reggie Bush or Kris Humphries. People talk about Kim and Kim alone. Because as in their reality show, the Kardashian Jenner women are always the leading ladies in their lives.