"10 rational reasons why I think Valentine's Day is absolute bullsh*t."


Who doesn’t like to be told they are loved, special, beautiful?

If you answered ‘I don’t’ you are lying to yourself and let’s be honest, lies are bad. But being told these things on the same day every other person in the world is being told them, they just lose meaning, don’t they?

Here are 10 reasons Valentine’s Day is bullsh*t.

1. Fluffy toys, specifically the ones that say ‘I love you’.

Please just stop, stop right now. If you are thinking of buying your partner one of these, please think again.

What exactly is the point of a teddy bear holding a heart that says ‘I love you.’ Answer – there is no point, your partner will look at it for a few seconds, then in three to five days it’s going to be put up the top of your closet, never to be seen again.

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2. Dinner.

I don’t know about you but I would much rather be taken out to breakfast then dinner.

Dinner on Valentine’s Day is a waste of time. You won’t be able to get a park, it will be extremely busy and noisy (two things I hate most). And if you're disorganised and haven’t pre-booked, the wait times will be unbelievable.

3. Forced compliments.

Does it really count if you partner is telling you how great you are on the same day everyone else partner is doing it? Does it, really?

Or do they just feel guilty if they don’t participate in this ‘holiday.’ Would it count more if it was on a random Monday in August? I think it would.

4. Red roses.

They are ugly and over-priced. Get your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, friend with benefits a sunflower or any other flower, just not cliché red roses.

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5. Social media.

Yes, it is super sweet if someone has gone to the effort to get you something, yes you should be grateful but be realistic, not everyone on your Facebook and Instagram cares about your overpriced gift. Also, a photo that says ‘thanks for everything babe,’ is pointless, just send your loved one a message or if you are feeling really wild maybe give them a call or tell them in person?

6. Red and pink.

I mean, really? Who came up with this colour combo?

7. The pressure.

If you have been in a relationship for while or you are just starting out both have equal amounts of pressure.

Been together a while? Do you really need a day to remind you to tell you partner that you love them? Just starting out? ‘What do I get them? What if this isn’t enough?’ No one needs that kind of pressure in their life.

8. The competition.

If someone has put thought into getting you a gift that should be enough, you should be grateful.

You don’t need to brag to your friends and family about how great the Mimco hand bag you just got is. You just need to say thank you to the person that got you the gift and if you don’t like it, you need to find the receipt.

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9. Breakfast in bed.

The bedroom is NOT a place to be eating. Crumbs get everywhere then you just have to add ‘wash sheets’ to your to-do-list.

10. The pointless snap from Team Snapchat.

This is 7 seconds of your life you will never get back.

Moral of the story, Valentine’s Day is bullshit. So, if you are someone has the pleasure of spending today with another human, remember not to wait another 365 days to tell them how you feel.

Every day should be considered Valentine’s Day.

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