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Why Zoe Marshall says she and Benji sleep in different rooms.

Image: Instagram (@zoebmarshall).

It’s an endless battle that nearly all couples have faced; the quest to get some semblance of sleep while your partner snores blissfully. Radio presenter Zoe Marshall and her husband Benji have come up with a genius solution – no nasal spray required.

“Benji and I have separate rooms. No need for remedies we both love having our own rooms. It is our idea of heaven,” the KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick Up presenter told Beauticate.

“I love waking up in the morning and finding him to give him a big snuggle. It makes intimacy exciting too!” she said.

The couple married in Byron in 2011 and relocated back to Sydney from New Zealand earlier this year where Benji plays for the St George Illawarra Dragons.

While he is “fiercely private” Marshall describes herself as an “over-sharer” and is both a candid and frequent poster on social media, sharing everything from her endoscopy appointment to an upper lip wax.

“Most of the time people love it and sometimes I put my foot in it and get in trouble. I’m learning what is and isn’t appropriate. So many apps these days let us show a perfect version of our lives, but it’s all deception. I want to share the unfiltered normal elements of my life – they’re the ones that get the most traction,” she said. (Post continues after gallery.)

Her latest beauty appointment? Botox.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with botox. I got it a few months ago and asked for a quarter of what other girls get. It was still too much for me. I love that it has worn off and I feel more confident about it. When the wrinkles get too deep I might pop back to someone that has a lighter touch” she said.

While it’s great to see someone in the public eye be honest about these kind of procedures, it’s even better to hear that she’s an advocate of everyone simply doing what they want.

Do you have separate bedrooms from your partner?

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