What Zoe Foster packs in her toiletry bag

BY ZOE FOSTER Sometimes, especially after The Most Disappointing Summer in History, us Strayans take ourselves off to Europe during winter for a bit of sun and fun and maybe even a plum.

Being that we live so stinkin’ far away from the country of Europe (I’m joking, put your maps away), we often stay over there for 2-3 weeks (or, if you’re a bum of an author with a penchant for gyro like me, 2-3 months) to make all that travel – and all that cost of travel – worthwhile.

Obviously, we need a fair amount of Beauty Stuff to keep us looking good and smelling even better during that time. And so I thought, since I myself am making my voyage to Europe this very week, I would outline the basics of beauty packing for such a trip. LESS is BEST, girls. (And I know some of you will watch this video and be amazed that this is considered “less” but remember, I am a beauty editor, and as such genetically predisposed to overpacking my toiletry bags.

The video below refers to the skin and hair (and nails) but not the makeup, because that gets its own video. I concede that compared to glittery eye makeup tutorials, it’s not a very exciting video, but hopefully it’s slightly less dull than me writing the list out.

Speaking of dull, here are some of the essentials that didn’t even make the non-exciting video!!! Get ready for thrills!!!!!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to stop all pending spot attacks

– A Gillette Venus disposable razor (I like the moisture strip! What can I say)

– 7383494 brown hair elastics

– Hotel-size body wash and body lotion to tide me over til I can joyously raid a pharmacy

Don’t worry, the deodorant (Dove with the pink lid, I am moderately fanatical about its scent) and hand cream (Lanolips rose hand cream) and lip balm (Suvana paw paw) etc are coming too, but they get to fly up with me and my 16 trashy magazines, because they bought me a better Christmas present.

If you can’t watch the video, here are the products Zoe is taking:

Olay Complete Defence SPF30+ Daily Moisturising Lotion
Priori CoffeeBerry Revitalizing Cleanser
La Mer The Refining Facial
Trilogy Rosehip Oil
Sodashi Nourishing Repair Treatment
Decleor “Flower Petals” mask
Clinique Self-Tanner
UV Triple Guard Natural
Goldwell Dual Senses shampoo and conditioner
Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Treatment
Original Mineral Frizzy Logic
L’Oreal Professional Superdust
Batiste Dry Shampoo
OPI dry sand nail polish

Have I forgotten anything? Be a lamb and let me know, won’t you. Hate to arrive and discover I’ve left behind my Magimix.

Zoe is an author, columnist and porridge fan. Her books include the beauty bible Amazing Face, dating and relationship guide Textbook Romance, and three novels, Air Kisses, Playing The Field and The Younger Man. Find more info on her here, or supervise on her daily procrastination here and here.

Please understand that Zoë cannot respond to ALL your questions – but never fear, there are readers that are bound to know the answers, so don’t be afraid to ask.

What do you pack when you go away?