Why Zoe Foster Blake is taking a spiritual approach to the birth of her second child.

Approaching the tail-end of her second pregnancy, entrepreneur, author and all-round boss lady Zoe Foster Blake has shared how she’s preparing for baby numero two.

Writing to her half a million Instagram followers on Sunday night, the Go To Skincare founder wrote: “Basic breathing/swearing/pushing aside, I’ve forgotten what to do.”

Enter Marie Burrows, a birth doula and educator who founded the company Birthing Rites Australia and, according to her website, aims to explore “emotional/psychological aspects of birth and parenting, specifically in ‘feeling your feelings’ – richly, deeply and profoundly to achieve personal insights, personal empowerment and healing.”

For Foster Blake, Marie’s presence has been soothing.

“Marie makes me feel calm and positive about childbirth. Even the bit where I will spew everywhere, and tell my poor husband to stop f*cking touching me, then beg him to massage my back 30 seconds later,” she said.

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“She reminded me that it’s all positive pain, that each contraction is a small victory, a step closer. To surrender. To use drugs for fatigue, not to run away from the pain (I BOLTED away from the pain with my epidural and I regret nothing.) That it’s one of the most powerful and intense moments of my life. That my husband’s job is to ‘protect the space’.”

While Zoe says she had a great experience giving birth to her three-year-old son, Sonny, it’s apparent the 36-year-old is going for a more spiritual approach this time around.

“[Marie reminds me] that if decisions arise we didn’t foresee or don’t like, we can always regain control of the birth by taking a time-out and re-grouping.”

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Along with getting the help and guidance of a doula, Foster Blake also recommended her many (many, many) fans to read Spiritual Midwifery by author Ina May.

Meanwhile, we cannot wait to meet Zoe’s bub.