Zoe Foster-Blake says she has had crippling pain since her pregnancy.



Zoe Foster-Blake and son Sonny.

If you happen to see the lovely Zoe Foster-Blake on a bus, offer her your seat. She may be in a lot of pain.

Poor Zoe revealed on her popular blog and beauty site, ZoTheySay.com, Zoe suffered from Ostetis Pubis during her pregnancy, and is still suffering from a fair bit of pain.

In a nutshell, Ostetis Pubis (or OP) is an inflammation of the joint between the left and right pubic bones, which causes intense groin and pelvic pain. It is caused from overbearing on the joint, and is common in runners, AFL players, and sometimes in pregnant women. Unfortunately for Zoe, it didn’t clear up after she gave birth to her and husband Hamish Blake’s little son Sonny.

Zoe pushing Sonny through sunny Santorini.

“I noticed I was limping again after something as nothingy as a walk around the block to get some fresh air, I got very shirty indeed, and my husband and I asked everyone in the world we knew who could help. Professional athletes and personal trainers especially. (Bakers and hairdressers not so much.) I dearly wished to roam the streets with Sonny for sanity and exercise and to buy more cake.”

“People with OP get very, very down about it, because it can take a very, very long time to heal, and may never heal, in fact. I was in a bit of a dark place one day, suffering cabin fever and unable to walk without pain even upstairs to put Sonny down for his naps, (holding his delicious, pudgy frame was “unadvisable” in general because it inflamed things … I’m all like, yo, have you seen him? He’s impossible not to hold and squish).”

Eventually, Zoe found herself some medical professionals who were able to steer her in the right direction, and though she is still not recovered, she has had great progress.

“I can walk for about an hour without pain. No running yet. I do my strengthening exercises and stretches and all that boring stuff every second day, but it’s that boring stuff that is working.”

Wishing you all the best, Zo. For any ladies suffering from similar pain, Zoe’s blog can point your pelvis in the right direction.


Zoe Foster-Blake. Fabulous, even in pain.


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