"This gives a shittonne of thickness." The mascara Zoe Foster Blake is obsessed with.

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Zoe Foster Blake is to the beauty world what Yoda was to the Star Wars Jedis: when she talks, we listen attentively. Especially when it comes to product recommendations.

On Instagram recently, the Go-To Skincare CEO and beauty guru opened her daily makeup kit to share her five fail-proof products — in her words, the ones that make her “look like a healthier and more delicious version” of herself. That’s quite a brief.

As usual they were all great suggestions, but there was one product in particular that tickled our fancy. Drum roll please…

Poni Cosmetics tubular mascara

Poni Cosmetics’ The White Knight tubular mascara ($30), to be more specific.

“This was in a goody bag I got at an event recently, and thank shit for that because this is probably the best tubular I’ve used, and I only use tubular mascaras so am quite the authority on them,” Foster Blake wrote on Instagram.

Say hello to The White Knight. (Image: The Glow)

Now, before you dash over to Google to figure out what the hell a tubular mascara is, allow us to explain.

Also known as tubing mascara, it contains a polymer formula that completely wraps around each eyelash as it dries, creating the namesake "tube". The effect can be built up by applying additional layers.

So what's the big deal, then? Well, tubular converts rave about the formula's lengthening powers, along with its staying power — no smudging or flaking to be seen here.

Watch:The Glow Team's mascara faces. (Post continues after video.)

Foster Blake says this little beauty also fattens her lashes up, writing, "Most tubular mascaras are low on volume for some reason, as if us tubey girls aren’t interested in fat lashes, but this gives a shittonne of thickness."

White Knight has one brush but two application heads — one designed to add volume, the other length. You can opt for one or the other, or wear them together.

Think of the possibilities! (Image: The Glow)


The other great thing about tubular mascara is that you don't need to use a makeup remove or vigorous rubbing movements to get it off your lashes, which can only be a good thing because the skin around your eyes is incredibly delicate and should be treated with care.

Instead, the tubes instantly soften and slide off when they come into contact with warm water, meaning you can remove them in the shower with no fear of panda eyes. In other words, even the laziest of lazy girls have no excuse not to take their tubular mascara off before faceplanting the nearest pillow.

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Have you ever used a tubular mascara? Which is your favourite?