Zoe Foster Blake couldn't walk for most of her pregnancy.

Zoe Foster Blake’s pregnancy was somewhat of a nightmare.

The 33-year-old fashion/beauty blogger has spoken about the painful (but joyous) time of pregnancy and post-baby life with parenting blog The Grace Tales.

First the health issues. Zoe experienced extreme morning sickness, but she’s also experienced gestational diabetes and a conditional called, ‘Ostetis Pubis’ – an inflammation that causes pain in the abdominal and pelvis region.

It was rough by the sound of it – she couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes at a time and was on crutches for much of her pregnancy.

Here’s how Zoe described it to The Grace Tales:

“I loved being pregnant in that I wanted very much to be and was so thrilled and chuffed that it had happened. It wasn’t the smoothest ride, though. I had gross morning sickness til about 15 weeks, and then gestational diabetes and most annoyingly, from about week 20, I had pelvis issues, which saw me on crutches for the last five weeks of the pregnancy, and has since developed into full-blown Osteitis Pubis and pelvic instability. I can’t walk for more than 10 mins without pain and it’s doing my head in, to be honest. Many scans, much treatment and endless rehab will see it eventually buzz off, and not a dingin’ moment too soon.”


Once little Sonny was born, Zoe told the website she took eight week break from writing on her blog, Fruity Beauty. To recover, but also to get full-time into the joy of baby life.

According to The Daily Mail:

‘It’s because of this little fella, Sonny Donald Blake, a gloriously chubby-cheeked little soul I gave birth to three weeks ago, and who insists on consuming all of my time, sleep, heart, love, and breast milk. (To be fair, no one else really needs or wants that milk.)’

Hamish with Sonny

But Zoe has recently returned to the online world and is back with a new business, ‘Go To‘.

Zoe, post-baby loveliness as she launches her new business.

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Did you experience physical pain after birth? Did you find it difficult to walk?  How are you coping with life after baby?