Zoe Foster Blake tells us her biggest rule for when fans meet Sonny.

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It is no secret that Zoe Foster-Blake and Hamish Blake are collectively one of the most popular couples in Australia.

Together they have almost 900 thousand followers on Instagram, posting snippets of their sun-filled holidays, their home life, and the musings of Zoe’s Persian cat, Meowbert. So when they are out together, a lot of people must feel like they intimately know the couple.

But there is another member of the fam who is much, MUCH more popular with the people.

Their two-year old son, Sonny, of course.

“They don’t care about us. It’s about Sonny,” Zoe tells Holly Wainwright in this week’s podcast episode of I Don’t Know How She Does It.

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From his adorable fat-cheeks, to his outfits, to his Peppa-pig-inspired accent, Sonny has generated quite a following of fans, who Zoe says love to stop and say hi.

“They’re always lovely… we are lucky enough to be in industries where we have fun, and we’re pleasant, and we’re having a good time… so when people come up to us, it’s generally ‘Hi! I like your show’, or ‘I use your lip balm…’ so we feel lucky,” Zoe explains.

But there is one element of the fandom surrounding the family that is a little too much for Zoe’s liking… the selfie requests. The 35-year old says that’s where she draws the line.

“I don’t allow that. They do [try to take selfies with Sonny] but I don’t allow that,” Zoe says.


A good pirate always keeps one hand on his sword, and two cheeks on his chin.

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She says her and husband Hamish Blake joke that Sonny’s popularity means he is growing up in a delightful “Pleasantville” bubble.

“He’s going to have such a warped perception of our neighbourhood, ’cause we walk around, and everyone comes up and knows his name, and I’m like, ‘he’s just going to think everyone’s super friendly’…it’s lovely…” Zoe says.


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Listen to the full episode of I Don’t Know How She Does It below, and hear more of Zoe’s adorable stories about Sonny, like how she likes feeding him porridge for dinner when Hamish is away, PLUS hear her best beauty tips for busy mothers and what technology has taught her about time management.

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