This is not a drill: a Zoe Foster Blake fashion line is coming.

Clear out those online shopping carts and make some room in your closet, a Zoe Foster Blake fashion line is officially headed our way.

Announcing the news via Instagram on Monday, the soon to be mum-of-two shared a snap of herself looking pretty darn happy in a pink sweater (wearing pink, who wouldn’t be happy!?) on set with Australian fashion label Skin and Threads.

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Foster Blake captioned the image, “Everyone’s always saying, “Design more clothes, Zoë! Take your amateurish, uninformed and nonsensical ideas about style and weave them into fabric already!” Well, finally these fictional people will get their wish: today I’m on set with @skinandthreads shooting the lookbook for our collaboration.”

The author, Go-To skincare founder and fashion guru also offered up a written sneak peek of what to expect, saying, “There’s crustaceans, cockatoos, fruit, biscuits, stars… you know, grown-up, serious stuff. Perfect for the boardroom.”

Sadly, it’s set to be a few months until the collection hits our homes and hangers, with the line due out in August. But good things come to those who wait, right?

Take my money, Zoe. Just take my money and run.

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