The hardest lesson Zoë Foster Blake has learned about business.

Zoë Foster Blake is what you’d call a textbook overachiever. The former journalist (and blogger), the author of six books (one of which was made into a TV series – The Wrong Girl, anyone?) and is now killing it with her skin care brand, Go-To.

To us mere mortals, going from writing about beauty products to making them seems like a pretty huge step. A giant leap, even.

But as the 36-year-old explains in an interview with herself (yep) in the December Christmas issue of ELLE magazine, the two things aren’t all that different.

“At its heart I think ‘business’ is creative,” she writes.

“Seeing gaps, making useful products, earning permission to sell to your customers in a way that is fun and resonates.”

"It's the creation bit I love." Image: Instagram.

While Foster Blake is the first to admit she's not a classic businessperson (a statement with which she says her "accountant would ardently agree"), it's that passion for innovation that fuels her entrepreneurial spirit.

"It's the creation bit I love," she writes in ELLE. "The spark of a good idea, then acting on it. I want anything I produce to be good for people kind enough to try it, but it's the momentum and process I enjoy most. I wish I could do 50 projects a year." (Post continues after gallery.)

Of course, being a self-taught, self-starter means there are plenty of lessons to be learned. For Foster Blake there was one particularly potent one:

"'Faking it till you make it' is not as hip and cool as Instagram quotes would have you believe: it's a bit terrifying," she argues.

"You're making huge calls about how the products should feel and look and smell in the hope your taste is universal, and then guessing about huge, non-reversible and expensive matters like manufacturing and volume.


"I'm deeply indecisive, but there's no time for that in business."

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What there is plenty of time and opportunity for is failure. But Foster Blake sees that as a positive.

"It's a chance to learn and grow, and is never a coincidence," she wrote. "Failure for the win. Or something."

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