FLUFF: Zoe Foster Blake mad at Beyonce for stealing her favourite baby name

Yep, Zoe Foster Blake is shaking her fist in Beyonce’s general direction right now for taking her favourite baby name.

The 33-year-old author, beauty writer, and soon-to-be cosmetics empress is expecting her first child with husband Hamish Blake any week now. And she’s just opened up about her secret wish to call her baby Blue.

“I did love the name Blue, because one of my favourite all-time books has a character called Blue,” she told WHO magazine. “Blue Blake, what a great name! F***ing Beyonce.

Actually, Zoe’s had her eye on a few famous-person baby names. She’s also upset that No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani got to Apollo before her.

Beyonce’s baby girl Blue.

“And Apollo was on my list and Gwen Stefani stole it. But it’s OK, it’s fine, she can have it,” she said.

So with Blue and Apollo off the list of potential baby names, what will Zoe and Hamish call their little human when he or she arrives very soon?

“No, we’ve got some pretty good names and we’re in agreement, which I think is rare,” Zoe said, but offered no further clues on their shortlist.

Meanwhile, Zoe has got to be one of the busiest expectant baby mamas in the country. She’s currently on a book promo tour for her sixth novel, The Wrong Girl, and she’s about to launch her very own skincare range.

Zoe and Hamish pulled off a super-secret wedding back in December, 2012. They’d been dating for two years by then, having fallen in love as friends on a writing project. They announced they were expecting a baby in November. And he or she will be along anytime in the coming weeks.

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