Zoe Foster Blake shares the three beauty products she's loving right now.

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For many, Zoe Foster Blake‘s Instagram is a source of ridiculously gorgeous pictures of her son Sonny, and family snaps with husband Hamish Blake. For us, it’s all of the above, plus the few golden beauty tips she shares along the way.

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In a new post on her blog Zo They SayFoster Blake revealed her products she can’t get enough of at the moment. Yes, we are taking notes.

1. Foundation.

Zoe wearing the foundation. Image via Instagram (@zotheysay)


For the face, Foster Blake is all about the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer ($50). Yes, you read that correctly - it's foundation and concealer in one (We do love a multi-tasker). The doe-shaped wand applicator is designed to cover large areas on one side, and smaller more precise concealing with the other.

Foster Blake admits she was initially drawn in for the hype  (aren't we all) but believes it's worth it, finding it full coverage, radiant, long-lasting and excellent at covering pigmentation.

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"Generally speaking foundation-and-concealer in one is a terrible idea because the skin is so different (in texture and tone) on the eye area compared to the rest of the face," she says.

"However, in this case, it's an unterrible idea, because the eye area is beautifully concealed, and not at all crepey or dry."

She does advise testing out the shades before you buy as they are darker than you look, particularly if you have fair skin. (Post continues after gallery.)


2. Blush

Blush is an underrated danger zone that can very easily make your skin look dry, overdone or aged. So when you find one that really works for you - BUY IT IN BULK.

Foster Blake's blush recommendation is Face of Australia's powder blush in Primrose ($9.45), a product and brand favoured by many makeup artists and beauty bloggers for its great quality and great (read: inexpensive) price tag.

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The shade is a rosy pink with a subtle sheen.

"It looks a bit intense and shimmery in the compact but it is in fact wildly flattering," says Foster-Blake.

Face of Australia powder blush in primrose. Image: Face of Australia.


Other reviews of the product agree that its pigmentation packs a punch, so Foster-Blake advises using a quality blush brush to apply lightly.

3. Brows

There's no denying that she's at the top of her brow game, so we were very excited to learn that L'Oreal's Brow Artist Plumper ($18.95) is Foster-Blake's current favourite.

The tinted brow gel comes in three shades: blonde, dark brown and transparent and according to Foster-Blake, gives a far more natural look than pencils, waxes or powder. (Post continues after gallery.)

"I use the xxx shade on its own for get-out-the-door face, or to finish expertly filled in brows when I have more time," she says.

Great for final touch grooming, she recommends wiping the brush off before you apply to avoid making a mess on your face.

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Want more? Zoe also shared a few other recommendations from Rimmel and Revlon which you can read about on her blog here.

What's your current beauty favourite? Tell us why you love it below.