Today, we stand with the latest targets of Zaky Mallah's abuse.

Enough is enough.

Controversial Q&A participant Zaky Mallah has reached a new low with his latest torrent of sexist abuse — today, we stand in solidarity with the women he’s targeting.

In a fresh round of abuse, Mallah has taken aim at conservative female commentators Rita Panahi and Miranda Divine — labelling them “trashy whores” and speaking in the lewdest possible terms about “gang banging” them.

Rita Panahi and Miranda Divine, subjects of Mallah’s latest abusive tirade.

In case you missed the background on this story, Mallah is a one-time terror suspect who sparked uproar last week when he suggested on Q&A that the Federal government’s behaviour ‘justified’ young Australians’ support of ISIS. (Read more about the original controversy here.)

Mallah first displayed deeply sexist attitudes in January this year, when he appeared to promote the gang rape of Divine and Panahi.

As we wrote yesterday, that comment alone was abhorrent enough.

But even after the backlash he’s received this week — and even following Tony Jones’ clarification that the ABC would never have allowed him on its Q&A programme had they known of his misogynist tweets — it seems Mallah has learned nothing.

Because now, he’s spewed a fresh tirade of hatred directed at the two women. And nothing about that is okay.

Zaky Mallah in a recent YouTube tirade.

Instead of apologising — or even simply retiring from the public eye for a while — Mallah hit back at suggestions his tweets were sexist by making further revolting remarks about women.

Responding to criticism that his original tweet appeared to promote gang rape, he tweeted:  “Gang raped? Please show me where I said ‘gang raped’? I remember saying gang banged!”

He continued: “Rita and Miranda, if you’ll consent, I’ll be the first!

In a similar video tirade posted on YouTube on Monday, Mallah went further, calling the women “trashy whores”.

In the video — clearly intended to provoke viewers — he ranted: “My tweet clearly stated that these two News Corp trashy whores should be gang banged on the Sunrise desk. Gang banged not gang raped.”

Mallah’s recent video appears deliberately provocative.

His hateful tirade continued: “According to my passport dictionary, gang banged means consensual sexual activity in a large number group of people.

“Miranda and Rita, if you’re not a whore then why are you taking so much offence to it?

“The last time I heard, whores don’t get raped, they consent.”

Q&A host Tony Jones (L) and Zaky Mallah as he appeared on last week’s Q&A program.

While he was at it, Mallah also attacked the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Secretary Alan Tudge online, calling him a “wank job”.


Divine and Panahi have not responded on Twitter, but have retweeted colleague Natasha Robinson’s comment suggesting inconsistency in the ABC’s logic in relation to the Q&A scandal.

The ABC’s Media Watch program this week said it disagreed with those who have argued Mallah was not fit to appear on Q&A because of his tweets. (Read Mamamia’s own post on the inconsistency of Q&A’s defence this week here.)

Today, we stand with the targets of Mallah’s revolting sexist attacks. We may not agree with everything conservative commentators Miranda Divine and Rita Panahi say, but we firmly believe in their right to do their jobs without being attacked. In fact, we stand for every woman’s right to speak freely without being threatened with rape,  attacked in sexist, threatening turns, and silenced. Zaky Mallah, we’re all for free speech, but free speech ends where hateful, personal abuse begins. Enough is enough. Related:

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We’re behind Q&A – but not this comment from last night’s episode.