Zac Efron's brother once wrote a perfect poem about being overshadowed by his sibling.

Zac Efron has a brother, but you’ve probably never heard of him.

That’s because Dylan Efron has spent his life overshadowed by his superstar big brother, who has an IMDB profile as long as my arm and abs that just won’t quit.

Dylan, on the left, and Zac, on the right. (Photo/Twitter)

Poor Dylan is 23 and although he shares Zac‘s fortunate gene pool, he’s been living in his brother’s shadows for more than a decade — at least, that’s the message we’re getting from a childhood poem he once wrote.

The poem, entitled A Brotherly Thing and written by Dylan in year six, reflects on how Zac “thinks he is the queen” because of his budding acting career.

It’s now going viral.

Zac and Dylan in the non-famous years. (Photo: Twitter)

“If he lost me at a show, I’ll bet he would not care a bit,” the rather heartbreaking poem reads. “He won’t even try to look, But my mom would throw a fit.”

Image: Twitter/@ZacEfron


Well, Dylan, we hear you — because we’ve all been there.

Mamamia’s own Rosie Waterland has written about the time she entered a modelling competition — and her sister won. (Read it here. It’s very funny.)

Then there was the time senior editor Grace appeared on a six-part ABC TV series — and a Fairfax review awkwardly called her by her sister’s name.

What the heck, Fairfax?


Back in her teenage years, our entertainment editor, Alex, had her 16th birthday party sleepover foiled by a cool older brother.


“One by one, my friends slowly disappeared… I eventually found them ALL in my older brother’s room, laughing at his commentary on some dumb TV show,” she says. “No one wanted to leave so I had no choice but to join them.”

Writer Helen has also felt the burn of high-achieving siblings.

“I had two older sisters who were dux of the school where I went. The room where I was going to sit my Year 12 exams had the dux board staring straight down at me,” she says. “I told my teacher that I thought that was unfair pressure so she took it down before the exams started, which was really nice of her.”

Graphic designer Cecilia weighs in: “My sister once got tipped for her dancing yet I was the one who was the serious ballet dancer.”


At least we can take comfort in the fact that celebrities feel our pain. Even Matt Damon, apparently.

 “Years ago I interviewed Matt Damon and he said his brother is a professional triathlete and growing up he could never beat him in any sport,” Mamamia TV editor Shelly recounts.

“Then Matt got the role of Jason Bourne for The Bourne Identity and had to get super fit and finally he could kick his brother’s ass.  He said he would have done the role for free if he’d know the pleasure beating his brother gave him.”


Some more talented celebrities with ridiculously famous siblings:

Have you been overshadowed by a sibling?