Is this the shortest celebrity romance ever?



Actually, let’s be fair about this.

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez were sporadically making out for a whole two months. It might be a very short relationship according to real people and also the passage of time, but for celebrities? We don’t know, maybe that’s long term.

It all began on this Italian holiday. Where 26-year-old Zac and 36-year-old Michelle both literally and figuratively rode off into the sunset together.

Here’s Zac on a horse.

And Michelle, on another horse.

But, according to reputable celebrity gossip maker US Weekly, this romantic ride is over.

A “source” we can only assume is a person who saw the couple on the street or in a magazine, says: “Michelle is going to do her own thing. Zac knew this about her when he got with her. He’s very into her though, and perhaps more than she’s into him.”

Could Michelle be going back to the supermodel she never officially confirmed she was dating but it sure did look a hell of a lot like she was dating, Cara “Eyebrows” Delevingne?

One can only hope.

Remember those days? When Cara and Michelle would make out at basketball games and get drunk in the back of London cabs and pose inexplicably naked in Thailand doing yoga? Ah, those were the days.