Do these faces look familiar? Where you've seen the Yummy Mummies before now.

Last night, a new program on Channel 7 did the unthinkable. It made Real Housewives look high-brow.

The premiere of Yummy Mummies had Australia torn between complete bewilderment about what the world has come to/the utter objectification of pregnant women/horror at such (largely wasteful) conspicuous consumption, and pure, joyous entertainment.

But moments in, I had a thought: I’ve definitely seen some, if not all, of these women before.

At first I thought it could be because, um, women on TV tend to look exactly the same. It’s genuinely problematic. But a deep dive into these women, who I refuse to refer to as ‘yummy mummies’, confirmed that, indeed, these are not a bunch of anonymous friends who happened to get pregnant at the exact same time.


Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik speaks to Rachel Watts from Yummy Mummies on The Binge about what it was really like to film the show. Post continues below. 

Lorinska Merrington, for example, has so many different layers of Melbourne-fame I’m overwhelmed.

To begin with, she’s a WAG, and is married to former Carlton player Andrew Merrington.

Lorinska and Andrew on their wedding day. Image via Instagram.

She's also a former model and a traffic presenter on The Today Show in Melbourne. From her Instagram, it looks like she had a cameo role in Offspring, was in an ad for Chemist Warehouse, AND is friends with Bec Judd.

Jane Scandizzo was an acclaimed model, and is now married to Joey Scandizzo - a well-known hairdresser in Melbourne.

While the term 'model' gets thrown around a lot, she was a legit model, featuring in Marie Claire and Vogue.


Rachel Watts is a state retail manager in Victoria, but ACCORDING TO HER INSTAGRAM it looks like she might have some media experience with Channel 7.

Who are you interviewing? Are you a presenter? Did Channel 7 approach you years ago and ask when you'd be pregnant? Is that how this whole thing started?

Live at the Noodle Market #summer #working #channel7 @whitneyparwata

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Finally, after more research than I'd care to admit, it turns out Maria DiGeronimo is really just a fairly normal person from Adelaide.

It's strange and I don't like it. I refuse to believe Margherita isn't already a celebrity. You can't just... be Margherita. And not already be famous.

So, if you watched last night and thought Lorinska, Jane and Rachel looked familiar, there are several reasons why.

Maria, however, is just starting her road to being a reality star - and THANK GOD.

You can listen to the full episode of Mamamia's TV podcast The Binge, here.