Younger's most confronting sex scene is based on a true story.

Remember that scene in Younger season two, episode seven, where Diana Trout broke a man’s penis?

Of course you do, it’s impossible to unsee.

Oops. Image: Stan/Younger

However if you blanked or blurred out the details out of sheer fear, let me refresh your memory.

Diana is getting it on with one of her authors, male feminist Hugh Shirley, when whilst on top she leans back "like a Romanian gymnast" only to hear a loud crack.

Image: Stan/Younger

It's not her back. Shirley's penis has been broken.

The technical name for it is "Penile Fracture" and it happens when an erect penis comes into contact with with significant force. This leads to pressure overload, which the internal tissue holding the pressure can't contain anymore, so it ruptures.

Perhaps even more mortifying than the snapping sound of a broken penis? The fact that it ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE.

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This was confirmed by Miriam Shor aka Diana Trout when she spoke to The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens.

"Luckily I've only ever played breaking a penis, it's never actually happened to me, but it did happen to one of the writers which is why it's in the show," she said.

"Truth is stranger than fiction! I can't tell you which writer but it was a fun scene to shoot. It can be awkward - most people don't go to work and pretend to have sex with someone and break their penis so it's a bit odd but that day was really fun."

Image: Stan/Younger

And while Shor says she's very different to Diana (in addition to breaking no penises) there's one trait she does admire in her character.

"What I admire about Diana is that she's unapologetically powerful and embraces her own power while I tend to apologise for my own power and I see a lot of my female friends do this too," she said.

"I feel like we are encouraged in society to do that as women, to apologise for it and talk around it and not stand there boldly and say we deserve it. Diana has no qualms about doing that and I love that so much about her."

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