The Younger season four preview just dropped. Here's what we know.


The first teaser for Younger season four has dropped, with creator and executive producer Darren Starr claiming “it’s honestly the best season yet”.

Not a bad start.

In case you missed it, Younger follows Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), a recently divorced forty-something woman who pretends she’s in her 20s to get back into the publishing industry after taking time out to raise her now college-age daughter.

Image: TV Land

Set in New York, it's from the creator of Sex and the City and 90210 and sits between a comedy and drama.

Season four picks up immediately from where season three left us, moments after Lize confessed her secret to her close friend and colleague Kelsey Peters, played by Hillary Duff.


While there are still many questions unanswered, the teaser from the cast's first script read published on TV Land's (who screen the show in the US) website has given us some food for thought...

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1.Maggie thinks Liza's confession was a stupid idea.

"I don't know why you suddenly feel the need to unburden yourself to everyone, starting with Kelsey.  I don't think you're doing her any favours," Maggie, Liza's oldest friend who came up with the whole lying-about-her-age thing, tells her.

For Liza, it had to happen.

"I can't keep lying to the people I love... even if it means they're not going to like me very much anymore," she says.

"Sometimes lying to the ones you love is the most loving thing you can do.

Image: TV Land

2. We still don't know how Kelsey reacts.

While there are scenes with the pair talking, Starr says Kelsey doesn't take the news lightly.

"The show really hangs in the balance a little bit based on how Kelsey reacts. She's suddenly realising how she's misperceived situation," he says.

3. Charles and Liza could still happen.

If you're still not over the moment Liza and her boss Charles  kissing only to be walked in on by Josh, her younger boyfriend who was about to propose... I don't blame you.

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"Charles and Lize's relationship is definitely on the table but there are some real complications in the way," says Starr.

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4. We're going to be seeing a lot more of Kelsey and Josh. Together.

The best friend and the ex-boyfriend will bond.

"Kelsey and Josh are definitely finding solace in each other right now. They're the only two people that really understand what each one is going through, so it's natural they would be finding each other to deal with this," says Starr.

Only two months to go until the first episode (nope, no bingable full season drop here) arrives on streaming service Stan on June 28. We can't wait.