The three biggest bombshells from the Younger finale.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Season Four of Younger. Make sure you’ve watched the entire series on Stan before you read on. 

OK, yes, the penultimate episode of this season of Younger felt a touch more like a finale than the actual finale.

(You may recall, Liza admitted out loud that she loves Charles, Queen Diana finally ditched Richard, Kelsey’s arch enemy/lover became her colleague, and Josh followed his beer-pulling, video game-designing dream girl across the Atlantic.)

But…BUT… Thursday’s series-ending episode still had plenty of pivotal moments to carry us through to next year.

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Here are a few of the highlights from season four.

Clare knows Liza’s secret.

Is anyone on this show not telling fibs? Heck, they even use each other’s secrets as bargaining chips. eg. Josh’s now-wife Clare borderline blackmailing Liza into telling the US Department of Homeland Security that they’ve been together for six months rather than one.

“It’s a tiny, white lie, like the one you had to tell to, you know, get your job,” Clare said. “From what he’s told me, you kind of owe him this.”

Owe him a felony?! Oosh. She’s got a lot of nerve for such a small person.

I won't tell if you won't. Image: Stan.

Zane will throw his own boss under the bus.

We all knew he was ruthless. But hot damn.

We were all there in that meeting. We all heard it. When Zane suggested Charles appear alongside his ex-wife, Pauline, on Good Morning America to promote her "factional" book about their marriage, he shut it down. Fast. "Absolutely not," he said. "A little too close to home," he said.

But the new kid went ahead and made it happen anyway. Mid-segment, he gave the producers the thumbs up to drag the poor bloke out from the wings and in front of the cameras.


It's your first week, bro. Surely you're familiar with the word 'probation'?

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The. Phone. Call.

As Josh kissed his new bride at the alter with Liza watching on, the final shot of the season dragged us back to the other point of the spinning love triangle that underpins this whole saga.

Liza's phone buzzing away in a basket at the back of congregation, with Charles' face on the screen.

Could Pauline's increasing willingness to exploit their past be making him reconsider their future?

After all, at the end of what was an undeniably shitty day (nothing will rattle a shy bloke like an involuntary appearance on live breakfast television) it was Liza he wanted to talk to. LIZA.

It's setting us up for another dilemma filled season five (confirmed!), in which Liza will, again, grapple with the consequences of her secret. Does she reveal the truth and, again, risk blowing up her career and relationship? Again.

I mean, it's all worked out OK so far, right?



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