'My brain says have 2 kids but my heart and body says have 100.'

Popular blogger The Young Mummy, Sophie Cachia, has always been frank about her journey through motherhood.

The 26-year-old has been enjoying her second pregnancy so much that she says she could have 100 children – despite the difficulties.

“I’m so proud of my body. The female body and reproductive system is truly something I’ll be forever grateful for,” she wrote on Facebook.

“WE GROW PEOPLE! I’ve grown two human beings! That’s still so hard to get my head around!

“I’ll never underestimate how lucky I am as a woman, now Mum, to have been able to do this.

“My brain says have 2 kids, my heart & body say 100.”

She told her followers that it “tears her heart apart” to think it may be her last pregnancy despite suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome and a thyroid disease.

“My boobs are bigger than huge and gravity sucks balls so let’s just say they ain’t pretty, and their size severely affect my ability to breastfeed easily (is there even such thing?)

“Add on a swollen fanny that currently isn’t handling the pressure of my heavy baby and voila – you’ve got my pregnancy! But you know what? I’m SO sad it’s ending soon.”

The writer, who has a two-year-old son, Bobby, announced she was pregnant in June.

“My first pregnancy I couldn’t WAIT for it to be over. I wished it away all too soon. And whilst I am excited to meet this baby, this time round I’ve LOVED being pregnant and just don’t want it to end.”

The post struck a chord with her followers – with many sharing similar feelings.

Pregnancy and birth are an incredible experience, I absolutely loved being pregnant and was lucky enough to have a really smooth and stress free experience. I look back on my bump pics and miss my belly so much,” Louise Townsend said. 

Another follower, Elise Grindlay, said; “I am having these exact same feelings at the moment, baby number 2 (and final) due in 3 weeks, so excited to meet our baby but so sad that it’s ending soon.”

But it may not be the last pregnancy for The Young Mummy- she hinted that there may be more babies to come.