A young Queensland mother has been stabbed while holding her baby.

A 21-year-old mother is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after her former employer allegedly travelled over 2000km to stab the young woman and her fiancé, before fleeing.

The South Australian bakery owner implicated in the stabbings is believed to have travelled to a rural property in central Queensland where he attacked Teagan Moore, a 21-year-old mother, in what police are calling a deliberate attack.

The young mother was believed to have been holding her 10-month-old son when the assault occurred.

Moore’s fiance, Jake Burgess, 23, is said to have confronted the man after he was discovered trespassing and armed with a knife on the property, around midnight on Monday.

Queensland police stated that the the victims moved to the Queensland town of Kuttabul from South Australia in recent weeks.

Burgess sustained serious but non life-threatening injuries and the baby was treated for minor injuries related to being dropped on the ground as his mother was attacked.

Teagan Moore and her Fiancé, Jake Burgess, where stabbed at their central QLD property. Image: Facebook

Queensland Detective Superintendent Rob Weir has stated that there were initial concerns that the young woman would not survive,

“The female in particular, her injuries were life threatening (on Monday) … I understand that as a consequence of surgery her condition has improved,” he said.

Queensland police are now seeking to extradite the 35-year-old man who was arrested after landing at Adelaide Airport on Monday.

He appeared at the Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday, with a list of charges including attempted murder, enter premises with intent, acts intended to maim, and common assault.

21-year-old stabbing victim, Teagan Moore. Image: Facebook.

Another former employee the bakery told The Courier-Mail that the attacker had been attempting to locate Teagan over the past two to three weeks.

“The suspect is known to a number of the occupants in that house, but the extent of the relationship is still being investigated,” Superintendent Weir said.

“It is important to note that they were known to each other so it is not a random attack.”

Yesterday’s hearing, however, could not proceed without Queensland detectives who are expected to arrive in Adelaide today.

The alleged attacker has been remanded in custody before a formal extradition hearing.