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Woman on drugs killed a young father and then "laughed throughout court hearings".


The brother of a young father killed by a drug driver has told a court his killer laughed throughout court hearings.

Kaye Campbell, 43, killed her partner Neil Durrance on November 12, 2014 after she ran a red light under the influence of a powerful anti-seizure drug.

The Herald Sun reported she had been using heroin, methamphetamines, amphetamines and cannabis leading up to the crash.

Brother of the victim Hayden Durrance told the court he believed Campbell had “no remorse” for the death.

“She has no remorse at all, laughing about the accident at court hearings and treated it like a joke,” he said in a victim impact statement.

The court heard Campbell was recently granted bail on drug possession charges under the provision she did not drive.

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It was also heard Campbell was involved in a car crash in 2002 that left her with a brain injury.

It was reported this past accident caused police to harbour fear over her driving abilities.

Campbell has had her license suspended multiple times on medical grounds.

Her most recent suspension was lifted just months before the crash.

The 43-year-old's barrister Shaun Ginsbourg said her brain injury significantly reduced her moral culpability.

Ginsbourg claimed Campbell accepted a pill from her partner that night believing it to be a sedative.

He also claimed the crash was the result of his client's injury and the drugs she had consumed.

Ginsbourg requested a shorter-than-usual minimum parole period.

The hearing is ongoing.